15 Hilarious Bar Signs

There's a lot of competition in bar world, so it makes sense that some establishments would get creative to entice people into drinking at their places! Check out these fifteen very creative and funny signs. We're suddenly very thirsty....

Well, that hurts our feelings.

This sounds like a pretty good deal!

You had us at "naked."

The perfect sign for people with bad eyesight.

Check, check, and... wait, what?

Might be time to keep walking to the next bar....

Sounds like a bargain!

Brrrrr, that's cold, alright!

Hey look, a talking bar!

No thanks; we can get all of those things without ever leaving home!

Not sure we follow this chart.... Better have another beer.

She'll wait on you... when she feels like it.

The perfect bar for nerdy math types.

Consider it done!

The cat was the clincher! We're there.