12 Funniest Peculiar Cats

1Hitler cat

Staff at an animal charity named this abandoned kitten "Kitler" - because she bears an uncanny resemblance to the Nazi leader.

2Cat in a jar

A kitten who likes to squeeze into empty jars has no fear of getting into the tightest of spots. Ksyusha- a young Himalayan Cat - has been pictured in a variety of poses, including sitting in the washing machine and under the kitchen table.

3Hunting cat

4On-line cat

5Nerdy cat

6Camouflaged cat

7Cat breading

Latest online sensation.

8World's smallest cat

Meet Mr. Peebles. He lives in central Illinois, is two years old, weighs about three pounds and is the world's smallest cat! The cat's small stature was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004.

9Courageous cat

10Traitor cat

11Cosplay cat


12Sports cat

A kitten standing behind a soccer ball about to be kicked sky high.