Body Shapes: 12 Disturbingly Weird Body Shapes

Forget Photoshop: this is the real world. Check out some seriously weird body shapes.

She got dem apple bottom jeans.

There's no fruit to describe this body shape.

At first look it may seem like Miss Jung's waist has been Photoshopped or she's seriously addicted to wearing Spanx, but nope. That's Cathie Jung's tiny waist which measures a slight 15in (38cm), making her figure distinctly hourglass.

When a Miami woman wanted to have a rumpshaker similar to JLO'S, she thought she was going to a reputable doctor. Turns out, this dude wasn't a doctor at all. In fact, he was a drifter con-man, who injected countless 'pacients' with concrete, tire sealant, some sort of weird oils and more.

Note: the photo above is from the supposed doctor. Shouldn't that have rung a couple of bells?

Adult model Christina Model.

A little too much workout.

In 1999, the Guinness World Records declared Norma Stitz as having the Biggest Natural Breasts in the world and also the owner of the largest bra. Her measurements at the time were 70-48-52". Her bra size was 48V. Each breast weighed 28 pounds and she weighed 270. Since then her breasts have grown to 72ZZZ and she tops the scale at 345 pounds.

Note: Thanks for our reader to point out that this photo by the German photographer Ivonne Thein was photoshopped as part of one of her projects. She photographs normal sized models, and then alters the photo to look like someone skinnier. It's from her project "32kilo."