15 Funny People at the Beach

At 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) outside, most of us would probably dream about going to the beach. Not if you live in China. With the population of over 1 billion people, the beach there gets too overcrowded on sunny days. It is too crazy!

Let that be a lesson to you babe, never steal food of a wild pack of monkeys when you're t the beach.

This car wanted a bath too.

Modern and fun, this bikini is for everyone.

Guy on a Beach Fail.

This guy is having some happy beach time as he is taking a little nap and seems to be enjoying the dream he is having.

Checking out if he has all the equipment required for a hot bath.

Girls planking on the beach.

Can you do this?

Beach parking fail.

Never go to the beach with your chiropractor.