12 Most Bizarre Halloween Candies Ever

Halloween is just around the corner, and Oddee is here to help you find the perfect treats to hand out to those adorable witches and goblins at your door. Below are twelve highly unusual candy varieties that are guaranteed to put your house on the "Do Not Trick Or Treat" list next year!

1Brain-Flavored Zombie Mints

Even after reading the product description we are not sure what these mints actually taste like, but the seller assures us that they're "guaranteed to make your mouth autopsy fresh!"

2Cat Hairball Gum

According to Perpetual Kid, these gumballs are "cat lady approved!"

3Death Mints

Even corpses crave fresh breath.

4Curry-Flavored Mints

For those who actually want their breath to smell like curry... these mints are for you!

5Meatball Gumballs

They look like meatballs but taste like bubble gum. Yum?

6Cocktail Wienies Bubble Gum

Don't worry, they only LOOK like cocktail wienies! They taste like bubble gum.

7Bacon Candy

They look like mints, but taste like sweet and salty bacon. According to seller Gadgets and Gear, "you'll be squealing for more!"

8Mustache Lollipop

It's not only a great disguise, it's also a cola-flavored treat!

9Corn Dog Mints

All the yummy corndog taste without the stick. Mustard not included.

10Foie Gras Gum

Gum that tastes like goose liver pâté. Oh la la, bon appétit!

11Wasabi Gumballs

Anyone who has ever eaten Sushi can tell you that Wasabi is HOT stuff! These innocent-looking gumballs are filled with delicious, scorching green Wasabi, which is sure to surprise anyone who pops one expecting a sweet treat!

12Pickle Pop

Tastes like a real dill pickle on a stick!