10 Amazing Alien Abduction Stories

Are alien life forms visiting Earth and performing experiments upon unwitting human victims? This is one of the world's greatest mysteries! Read on to discover ten of the most famous and astounding cases of alien abduction ever documented.

1The Allagash Waterway Abduction

One of the most famous cases of alien abduction is The Allagash Waterway Abduction, which took place in Maine in 1976. Twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz were all artists. While on a fishing trip, they decided to do a little night-fishing, so they built a large fire on the banks of Eagle Lake and were in their canoes on the lake when they noticed a very bright object in the sky.

The object began to change colors before their eyes, and one of the men used a flashlight to signal to it. The UFO began to move towards them. The men began to frantically paddle towards shore, but the UFO moved over them and sent a beam of light over them. The next thing they remember, they were sitting on the shore, and the large fire they had just started had burned out completely into a pile of cold ash.

The men returned home, but soon all four were haunted by nightmares in which they remembered being experimented on by aliens in a space craft. Under regressive hypnosis, it was determined that all four of the men had been abducted and subjected to humiliating and invasive testing, including the extraction of semen and other bodily fluids.

All four men received separate hypnosis sessions, but their stories were all exactly the same. Since they were also artists, they were able to draw startlingly accurate pictures of the exam room, the aliens, and the instruments the aliens used on them. They also passed lie-detector tests, verifying that they were telling the truth.

2Betty Andreasson taken aboard the mother ship

On January 25, 1967, homemaker Betty Andreasson and her family were astounded when the electricity in their home suddenly went out and a bright red light shined in through their kitchen window. When the family looked outside, they saw five creatures "hopping" towards their house; the creatures then came straight through the solid wood door and instantly put the entire Andreasson clan into a trance.

The aliens were described by Betty and her father as being short and without usual human characteristics, and one of them was clearly the leader. They communicated only telepathically, and Betty felt calm and unconcerned even while everyone but herself and her father were in a state of suspended animation. Betty was then taken aboard a spacecraft and was given invasive (and sometimes painful) examinations. Roughly four hours later, Betty was returned to her family and the aliens released them all from their trance and hypnotized Betty so that she would forget much about her time on the mother ship.

Eight years later, still plagued by the vague memories of her experience, Betty underwent twelve months of extensive psychiatric evaluations and a slew of psychological and medical tests, including regressive hypnosis and polygraphs (lie-detectors). After all was said and done, it was determined that Betty was sane and believed everything about her very vivid alien abduction experience. Her case is one of the most famous UFO abduction cases to date.

3Betty and Barney Hill: the first widely-reported abduction in the U.S.

On September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire were returning home from a trip to Canada when they spotted a "brightly-lit cigar-shaped craft" in the sky that seemed to be coming towards them. The Hills stopped their car and looked at the flying object through binoculars, claiming to see several figures in the windows of the spacecraft that did not appear to be human. Afraid, the Hills got in their car and kept driving.

Two hours later, the Hills regained awareness and found themselves 35 miles away from where they last remembered driving, and with no memory of the last two hours of their lives. Betty's dress was ripped, Barney's shoes were badly scuffed, and both of their watches had stopped at the same time.

The experience bothered the Hills for several years, until they finally sought help from a psychotherapist. It was during their separate hypnosis sessions that their memories of being abducted, taken aboard a spacecraft, and being given physical exams by "short, grey" aliens. Today, there is an historic marker (pictured above) on the highway where the Hills had their supernatural experience, and a film version of their experience is in the works.

4Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody sees more in the sky than he bargained for

Around 1:15 AM on August 13, 1975, Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was in the desert of New Mexico watching a meteor shower when he saw a large glowing flying saucer moving toward the ground, as if to land. Moody was understandably frightened, so he ran to his car, but it wouldn't start. Just then, Moody heard a loud, high-pitched sound, and as the UFO hovered nearby, he could see small human-like forms on board.

When the high-pitched sound stopped, Moody felt his body go numb, and the next thing he knew an hour and a half had gone by and he was watching the space craft disappear back into the dark night sky. The next day, Moody began experiencing back pain and a strange rash, so his doctor advised him to try a sort of self-hypnosis to alleviate his pain. During the course of his meditations, Moody recalled being taken from his car and brought aboard a space ship. He was placed on a metal table and he "spoke" to the aliens telepathically. After he agreed to cooperate with them, they showed him parts of the space craft and passed on information -- they claimed to have a mother ship hovering above the earth and said that they did not plan to return to Earth for another 20 years.

5Two families abducted on the same night

Australian Kelly Cahill and her family were driving home from a friend's house around midnight in August of 1993 when they saw a UFO hovering off the side of the road, and Kelly claimed to see human-like figures in the windows of the craft. The UFO zoomed off quickly and disappeared, but later the family was blinded by a bright light all around their car. Kelly reported feeling instantly relaxed in the light.

When the family regained awareness, they were still on the road towards home, but they could not account for the past hour at all. Kelly discovered a strange mark near her navel, and over the next few weeks she felt unwell and went to the hospital for a uterine infection and intense pain in her stomach.

She would later remember seeing the 150-foot diameter UFO and the very tall aliens who had gathered beneath it. She also saw another car on the side of the road, and later the family that had been in that car backed up her story and said that they, too, had seen the aliens, lost a big span of time, and recalled being subjected to invasive medical exams on a space craft.

6Family visited by the "Men In Black" after their strange experience

In a mountainous area of Wales, an anonymous family was driving along the highway when a large purple craft hovered over and attached itself to their car. They were terrified, but moments later they found themselves seemingly untouched, still driving down the highway as if nothing had happened.

However, they were missing a large span of time, and when the husband went to the dentist due to tooth pain, a strange black object fell out of his molar. The family reported their experience to local authorities, only to then be visited by two men in suits from the Air Force who told them not to speak of the experience again. The family referred to the men as being "Men In Black" like in the movies of the same name.

The family later learned that there had been several UFO sightings in that particular area prior to and on the night of their experience. There was also another man who came forward, claiming to have seen a UFO on the same night and on the very road that the family lost those hours.

7Father and son make contact with benevolent lifeforms

In March of 1988, John Salter Jr. and his son John III were driving on Route 61 when suddenly they found themselves traveling in the opposite direction with no memory of the past hour. The next morning, they were baffled about what had happened to them the night before, and as they continued their trip they were stunned to see a large UFO.

As soon as they saw the ship, they recalled snippets of what had happened the night before, including seeing child-like aliens and a taller, half-human alien who was their leader. Both men described feeling "protected" by the alien life forms, and they were kept from moving by an unseen force while they were given a thorough medical exam.

After the experience, both men felt that they had bonded with the aliens, and various health problems they'd had prior to their abduction improved significantly for no apparent reason.

8Author Whitley Strieber writes a book about his abduction

In 1985, author Whitley Strieber was vacationing in a remote cabin in upstate NY with his family when a sound awakened him in the middle of the night, at which point he found a small creature in his bedroom. Several hours later, he found himself alone in the woods near his home with no recollection of what transpired.

With the help of a hypnotherapist, Stieber eventually recovered his memories of being taken onto a UFO and probed anally and in the brain with a long, thin instrument. Stieber's experience would eventually lead him to start a support group for victims and write a best-selling book about alien abductions.

9Three women abducted in Kentucky

In 1976, three old friends were driving home after celebrating a birthday when suddenly the driver of the car felt that she could not control the speed of the car. While the car sped up to 85 mph, the terrified women saw a large, bright dome-like UFO hovering over them. Before they knew it, they woke up in the parked car, which was backed up into a pasture, heading in the opposite direction than the way they had been traveling. Even more disturbing was the fact that they could not recall the last 80 minutes of their lives.

The women had unexplained burns on their bodies, and after reporting the incident to the Navy and local police stations they were extensively interviewed and questioned about the events that had transpired. Eventually, one of the women agreed to do regressive hypnosis, and their fears were confirmed: they had been abducted and experimented on on an alien space craft. The woman described the tests as humiliating and torturous.

There had been several UFO sightings in that area that night, and a local farmer and owner of the pasture in which the ladies' car was parked confessed to seeing a strange flying object with a bright beam of light going from the UFO to the ground. It is believed that this farmer unknowingly witnessed the abduction of the three women.

10Policeman takes photo of alien

In 1987, policeman Philip Spencer was walking through the moors near his home in Ilkey Moor, Yorkshire, U.K., armed with his camera, hoping to catch some photographs of the mysterious lights that he had seen in the moors. Using a compass to lead his way, Spencer was moving through the dense fog towards his father-in-law's house when he saw a small, strange creature that seemed to be trying to "wave him away." Spencer raised his camera and got one shot before the creature turned and ran away into the foggy early morning.

Spencer chased after the creature and was shocked to see a large UFO lifting off from the moor nearby. He rushed to the village to get his film exposed, and it was then that he noticed that an hour of his life was missing, his watch had stopped, and his compass was pointing South when it should have been pointing North.