20 Coolest & Weirdest Needle Felted Creations

1Hine Mizushima's My Heart Is Yours!

This one could make an excellent Valentine's Day gift for those with a slightly twisted sense of humor. In fact, Hine Mizushima even sold cards bearing the image on her Etsy shop for Valentine's Day.

2Yoko Nomura's Fractured Fairy Tales

What happens when the relatives of those 3 little piggies decide to take revenge on the Big Bad Wolf for destroying the homes of their loved ones in an attempt to eat them? A delightfully evil revenge is in store for him, that's for sure.

3Kit Lane's Strangeland

Are they mushrooms, fairies or something else? Does it matter when they're so cute?

4Hine Mizushima's Giant Paramecium

The are billions and billions of paramecia all around us, but we don't know it because we can't see them. Here's an adorable and artistic tribute to those that go unseen.

5Kay Petal's Celebrity Felt Alive

In case you can't recognize them all, here's the list from left to right: Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Conan O'Brien, Willie Nelson, Spock, John Travolta, Janis Joplin, Will Ferrell and Johnny Cash.

6Friday Feltz's Another Cup?

It's hard to tell if he's cruel or kind when he looks like a monster but is adorned with a variety of teas and sweets.

7Hine Mizushima's Anatomical Girls

These little anatomical dolls are cute on their own, but they all come with their own adorable pet, making them even more loveable.

8Moxie's Hungry

Poor little Moxie is so starving he's turned to human meat. Won't someone get him a sandwich?

9Wooliedale's Ratatouille

This scene is one of the most iconic from the entire film and the felted version is amazing in its accuracy.

10Friday Feltz's White Eater

It's hard to be an intimidating monster when you look so suspiciously like an adorable little bunny rabbit. He'd certainly be a good Monty Python villain though.

11Glass Camel's Dalek

They're one of the most deadly enemies that The Doctor has ever faced down...despite the fact that they are equipped with little more than a toilet plunger and an egg beater. Either way, they make a great felted plush.

12MyTikkashop's White Rabbit in Wonderland

He's late, he's late, for a very important date! Fortunately, you won't have any trouble tracking down this white rabbit.

13Cheekycrows3's It is Watching

If you ever felt guilty about drinking coffee when you've tried to cut back on your caffeine intake, this little guy can help remind you, as he stares at you with that judgmental expression while you sip on your brew.

14NiferCritter's Cute AND Evil!

Someone's ready to get revenge for all those baby seal clubbings. Just because he's cute doesn't mean he won't mess you up.

15Shannon Henry's Prince of All Cosmos

If you love Katamari, then you'll love this little guy. He sure knows how to roll in style.

16Flying Jenny's Hubble Servicing Mission 4

If you've ever wanted to play Hubble-repair crew, this set is an ideal toy to spark your imagination.

17Glass Camel's Optimus Prime

Megatron just can't compete with this awesome felted hero.

18Friday Feltz's Baby Skull Hanger

Want to creep out your mom with a handcrafted key chain? This needle felted baby head is certain to get her skin crawling.

19Hine Mizushima's Octowreath

Time to celebrate Christmas in a truly Lovecraftian fashion with this adorable Octowreath.

20Willow Hut's Inside Out Roll

It might not be delicious with all those wolly fibers, but it certainly looks tasty anyway.