12 Coolest Bowling Balls

Yes, it's a bowling ball. It just looks like the head of a zombie! Artist Oliver Paass painted a set of these balls that were then placed in German bowling alleys to advertise a TV channel specializing in horror films.

Acording to our reader Mason, this ball is from the Bowler, a super hero from the 1999 comedy film Mystery Men, who fights crime with her dead father's skull encased in a bowling ball.

Hello Kitty Bowling ball.

James Blood, Comedy Central Man About Town and guitarist for Bloodweiser returned from a trip to his Bay Area homeland with this one-of-a-kind custom rock inspired by "Team Homer" ("The Simpsons" Season 7, Episode 12, Prod. code 3F10). In the unlikely event James gets kicked off our bowling squad, he can always try for a little respect with that Harvard diploma.


Animal print balls.

Love bowling but never hit the perfect 300 score? This remote-controlled bowling ball ought to change that situation, where the brains behind this would be 900 Global. This unique bowling ball is obviously not legal for use during gameplay, be it in a tournament or otherwise, but it comes with an internal “weight screwed onto a threaded shaft inside the ball” that helps it arrive at the designated point, depending on where you want it to go. The 900 Global ball won't come cheap though at a price point of $1,500.

The Force is sure to help your game with these bowling balls featuring the likeness of this iconic Star Wars character.