10 Wildest Zombie Products

Let's face it: zombies are having a moment! Here are ten of the funniest, scariest, and downright craziest zombie products available online right now. They all have just one thing in common: they want BRAINS!

1Crawling Zombie Doorstop

This functional doorstop holds your door open with a crushed crawling zombie. Creepy!

2Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

There's always room for... brains?

3I Want Your Brains T-Shirt

Uncle Sam like you've never seen him before!

4Remote Controlled Zombie

With just the press of a button this zombie walks forward and groans. Bendable neck, shoulder and hip joints let you pose him in any position you'd like too!

5Zombie Head Cookie Jar

He wants Braaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiins, but WE want cookies!

6My Zombie Ate Your Honor Student Sticker

Hate those braggy stickers about honor students? Get even with this little reminder that zombies prefer kids with big brains!

73D Zombie Magnets

This is a fun and frightening conversation piece for your refrigerator! Magnets come apart into pieces so that you can arrange and re-arrange your undead dude as often as you like.

8Zubway: Eat Flesh Mug

This mug is a cute spoof of sandwich shop Subway's slogan, "Eat Fresh."

9Zombie Abe Lincoln Oil Painting

Our former U.S. President, in all his zombie glory! Hand-painted in oil paints on canvas, this painting is sure to make a startling addition to your decor.

10Zombie Dance Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is a subtle way to let your coworkers know that if a zombie apocalypse happens, you're ready to boogie!