10 Hilariously-Bad Local Commercials

Not all commercials are made by Mad Men; some are made right in the windowless rooms of your local television station, where the budgets (and standards) can be rather low. Check out these 10 wild examples of local commercial production at its finest.

1Butt Drugs

I wish MY town had Butt Drugs! This video was made by famous YouTube gurus Rhett and Link.

2Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage

He'll fry anything (and he'll rub your feet while he does it)! This video might be a fake, but it's genuinely hilarious!

3Cullman Liquidation

Buy 'em or not; this guy really doesn't care. Another Rhett and Link production.

4Norton's Furniture

What the frog?

5Job Fair

Worst. Acting. EVER!

6The Game Store

7Mad Marty

More like Virgins R Us*.

*not that there's anything wrong with that.

8Eagle Man

What bird brain thought this one up?

9Flea Market Montgomery

Guaranteed to get stuck in your head all day. Maybe this guy is on to something?

10Credit MacDaddy

Weird Al called. He wants his look back.