15 Celebs With Signature Poses

Ever notice how some celebrities always look the same in their pictures? There's a reason for that -- they've been coached on how to stand so that they look as tall, thin, and beautiful as possible. Below are fifteen celebrities who seldom deviate from their signature poses. Maybe we should all be taking notes!

1Taylor Swift

2Victoria Beckham

Always Posh!


Standing with your hands on your hips makes your arms look thinner and more toned.


Fergie shows off her lovely lady lumps.

5George Clooney

6Lindsay Lohan

Someone is orally-fixated....

7Blake Lively

This stance highlights her gorgeous legs.

8Kim Kardashian

9Lady Gaga

This awkward pose matches her taste for avant garde fashion.

10Jessica Biel

Jessica knows just how to show off her best assets.

11Megan Fox

Megan knows what boys like.

12Miley Cyrus

13Emmy Rossum

14Vanessa Hudgens

If we had a dollar for all the kisses she has blown....

15Jennifer Lopez