11 Most Creepy YouTube Videos Ever

1Genocide School by Jared Lee Loughner

This video was uploaded to YouTube by the Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner. It has since been taken down from its original YouTube location, but news organizations as reputable as the Wall Street Journal have confirmed its legitimacy as the video that resulted in Loughner being expelled from Pima Community College. The madman later went on to shoot 20 people, injuring a U.S. senator and killing six of the victims, including a district court judge. These ramblings show just how disturbed the young shooter was before his arrest, and listening to his rantings are chilling to say the least.


Sure, the old man in this video with his bad sweater, terrible teeth and frazzled hair, is a little creepy, but is he someone's grandpa playing on YouTube really bad enough to get on the list of the most creepy YouTube videos ever? Yes, when that “grandpa” is actually a sex offender who was eventually sent back to prison for violating his parole because of said videos.

3Crooked Rot

I've left out creepy music videos and other clips that weren't created specifically for YouTube, which is why it's so nice to be able to include a video of such caliber that was actually intended for web distribution. This video by David Firth was an experiment in stop motion photography and the result is a spine-tingling mess of mannequins, pig heads, scratchy footage and rubber hands.

4The Biggest Pimple In The World

While this might not officially be the biggest pimple in the world, it's most certainly a creepy sight to watch it get popped. In fact, it is so nasty that the video was flagged as 18 and up by the YouTube community despite the fact that there is nothing violent or sexual about the actual footage.


If you haven't heard of masking, then I'm sorry to introduce you to the disturbing world where men wear expressionless women's masks and dance around trying to look sexy. Of all of the maskers, the most famous star is Kerry, who not only has her own website, but her own YouTube channel as well. Here's a taste of the fun.

6Peeping Tom

Like a sick version of miming mixed with male belly dancing, this video not only has me scratching my head, but covering my eyes. One question remains, is the person in the video playing the role of the peeping Tom in the song, or is that the viewer watching the creepy masked man?

7Bananas Exploding On Face

Like many videos on YouTube that seem to show an utterly bizarre sexual fetish, this one leaves the viewers scratching their heads and asking, “Why, dear God? Why would anyone find this sexy?” I can't answer that for you, but I can tell you that there are a lot of fetishes out there that are a lot more unsettling than this.

8Humanimal Alex

If this video was just showing someone who really wanted to audition for a role in the Broadway musical Cats, it really wouldn't be that bad. But yet again, YouTube has played the host for another freaky fetish convention, this time, the yiffs. A yiff, if you don't know, is someone who likes to pretend to be an animal during their “intimate” moments. Just look at that seductive clawing, have you ever seen something so arousing? If you're not a yiff-lover, I'm sure the answer is “yes, just about anything is more arousing than that.”

9Iced Tea With Steve Sutton

Whoever knew that instructions for making iced tea could be so darn creepy? But Steve Sutton's slight lisp and lengthy pauses during sentences are just too disturbing to ignore. Steve used to have his own website filled with weird videos like this, but it is now long gone and the only memory are his videos that were uploaded by other YouTube users.

10Little Boy Turned Stripper

Usually little kids dancing are cute, or at worst, annoying, but this little boy's dance seems disturbingly like something you'd see a stripper do before she started taking off her cheap lingerie. It certainly doesn't help that he's wearing a ripped up tee shirt over a bra. In fact, his outfit looks like he got it out of a hooker's closet.

11Mass of Daddy Long Legs

This one might not be as unsettling as many of the other videos on this list, but I can guarantee you that any arachnophobes reading this are shivering in their skin while watching this giant pile of daddy long legs crawling about.