Another 15 Craziest Walmart Shoppers

All of these photos are courtesy of the hilarious People of Walmart.

Note to self: always check to make sure your skirt is longer than your gut.

Way to show off your best features, m'lady!

We're glad to see he's shopping for condoms. We don't want him procreating, do we?

Twelve packs of underwear are located in aisle 12. Please go there NOW!

Hey, kids! Who wants to sit on the St. Patrick's Bunny's lap?

This poor fellow has clearly lost his sheep.

Every once in a while I get the nagging feeling that I've forgotten something....

Two pairs of pants, but no shoes. Makes sense to us!

We've heard of man boobs (moobs) before, but we've definitely never seen a grizzled old man with breast implants!

Wait, we thought Roy Orbison was dead?!

Maybe this is why we haven't seen Tony the Tiger in a while....

He must be shopping for paint for his cave drawings.

Hmm, leopard print, tutu, or orange capris? Forget it, I'll just wear them all!

It's called underwear, not overwear!

We honestly have no words....

Last but not least, check out this funny new song about the people of Walmart!