11 Coolest (and longest) Literary Tattoos

Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, 1859 (Chapter 1, Paragraph 1)

Taking the notion of limited edition to the extreme, Swedish magazine Tare Lugnt released their third issue as a tattoo. You can see the magazine being “published” below.

Longest yet most romantic tramp stamp. For bonus fun, spot the grammatical error.

Tess Adamski's back tattoo shows Beat author Jack Kerouac at his typewriter surrounded by the closing lines of "On the Road."

Colorful Sylvia Plath tattoo.

There goes a long passage from Chuck Palahniuk's novel Fight Club.

David Foster Wallace inspired this clever tattoo.

This tattoo is on the back of a man in the remote village of the west coast of South Africa. The black ink tattoo is a poem which makes a huge backpiece covering a whole back with its words. It is an elegy on the Pot-Smoker.

Surely, you all have read the famous inspirational poem “Footprints”. I bet you read it in a book or on some poster, right? How about reading it now on a human body? Yups, a tattoo fanatic got so inspired with the poem that he got it inked on his body.

NOTE: let's kill our editor, the poem is actually called footprints not fingerprints.