20 Funniest Captcha Art Pics

CAPTCHArt publishes just about any art sent to them as long as the artwork contains a screenshot of the captcha that inspired the creation. The results are often utterly hilarious.

1Colberse Spirit

Maybe it's not spelled quite right, but I'm sure even Mr. Colbert wouldn't mind that when it's paired with such awesome artwork.

2icute Access

How could anyone deny access to something so cute?

3Model Terists

I'm sure the TSA wouldn't mind giving these girls a good enhanced pat down.

4Vietnam Connann

Now that's what I call an epic battle.

5Fku Hoomin

This one was just begging to be a LOL Cat cartoon.

610010 Magoos

Aww, they're so cute when they're still blind and hairless.

7Intern Research

Well, that's one thing Clinton did an excellent job at.

8Decision Nopill

Interestingly, this also inspired a number of people to take “decision thepill.”

9The Seal's Liege

What a regal seal.

10Fro Factor

This seems destined to become the next hit show on Fox.

11Acid Handcuffs

Now that's one way to keep criminals in line.

12Monogamy Frightful

Can you blame him for his fear of commitment?

13Watson Giviit

Elementary, my dear captcha.

14Dumbness Reflected

A perfect image for this captcha.

15Lucius Postal

Now there's one mail man you don't want going postal.

16Café Hamster

Hipster hamsters look so much angrier than their country counterparts.

17Discover Skibeard

Coming soon to your iBeard App Store.

18Congress Lactated

Now that's a meeting of minds I certainly wouldn't want to be part of.

19Incurious George

You've seen Curious George, now meet his less naive cousin.

20Reever Evidently

I'm afraid only Firefly fans will get this one, so if you don't, sorry. Of course, if you do get it, then you realize just how perfect it is.