12 Coolest Chairs

1Magic Chair

How does Peter Bristol's Cut Chair work? The secret is that the one solid leg is firmly anchored to a steel plate beneath the carpet. Three well placed leg “stumps” and the chair looks as though it has just been magically sliced apart. Bristol hopes to put the Cut Chair into production.

2Numbers Chair

These number chairs are awesome! The possibilities are endless- arrange the chairs to form today's date or as many digits of pi as you have seats at your dining room table. You can arrange all your friends backwards down the number line. The only rule is it begins with endless numerical possibilities.

3Cassette Tape Chair

C assette tapes are an all-but-extinct technology, but that doesn't mean you can't still put them to use. You could turn them into a lamp, for instance – or how about a chair made from cassettes? That's exactly what the guys at OOO My Design did when they made their Silla cassette tape chair, created from a variety of old tapes. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to sit on top of dozens of tapes and tie-wraps, but it does look cool, don'cha think?

4Mama Chair

Embracing Mama is an unusual kind of chair. It has arms and it can warmly embrace everybody who sits on it. Made by Lithuanian home designer Rasa BaradinskienÄ.

5Levitating Yoga Chair

Meditation Everyday allows subtle and smooth movements in diverse directions while sitting. Its half-coconut shaped pillar and the metal ring with a silicon rubber provide the flexible motion. The width is suitable for the cross-legged position which is the first step of the meditation. Users enhance the balance skills and experience the pure consciousness.

6Don't Walk Chair

When you can't walk, the best thing you can do is sit.

7Men's Anatomical Chair

Once in a while you find things especially designed for men, and just for men. This is the case of the chair in this picture. I don't know any more details about this chair but it was probably made by somebody who got bored...

8Tempo Chair

Your job has you on the go nearly 24/7, which means that every so often you may have to drop everything and shoot out a quick email, jot down important notes or even pick up on an impromptu meeting. The Tempo Chair by Andrea Ruggiero aims to supply a functional piece of furniture where you can conduct this business quickly in a public space without being confined to traditional seating postures. I don't know whether the Tempo Chair will ever become an actual product, but I would welcome any seating arrangement that does not require me to “get creative” while using my laptop in a public area.

9Octopus Chair

Created by Spanish artist Maximo Riera, The Octopus Chair waves a dismissive tentacle at questions like “WTF!?, “Why?” and “Where on earth would I put it?”. Who cares if it doesn't match your other flat-packed furniture? So what if it costs more than Captain Nemo's submarine? We guarantee almost any problem can be overcome when you have an enormous octopus watching your back. Each chair is hand-built by a team of over thirty professionals, overseen by Riera himself. The rich leather upholstery on the chair is incredibly comfortable. Plus, the seat on this lavish cephalopodian throne is one of the few places in the room where you'll avoid the oversized octopod's steely gaze. Comfortable and discomforting, at the same time? Absolutely.

10Shopping Cart Chair

“Annie” is a shopping cart turned into a comfy cute chair from reclaimed design gurus Reestore. We've all seen old decrepit shopping carts left by the side of the road, and it is a sad, sad sight. That's why we are touched to see UK designer Max McMurdo taking an interest in these old cast-offs and restoring them to life by turning them into bright and cheery furniture.

11Skateboard Chair

Chairskate, a seemingly singularly focused France based design firm, makes these really cool chairs out of skateboards. The Chairskates take on the bold graphical look of skateboards into what's typically a boring solid colored piece of furniture. Around 150 Euros each if you're in the region.

12Typography Chair

Sometimes a word means a lot more than an image.