10 Disturbing And Hilarious Fetus Products

Maybe it's a fetal faux pas, but these embryonic toys, gizmos and doodads are hilariously un-PC. And that's exactly why they're so darn cool.

1Fetus & Placenta Crochet

This crocheted fetus and placenta by Flickr user Souvenir Kattunge would make a great and considerate gift for any expectant mother.

2Armed Fetus Christmas Ornament

While most pro-lifers seem to support protecting those who can't protect themselves, this ornament seems to support the idea of teaching embryos to defend themselves.

3Custom Fetus Christmas Ornaments

If you want more variety in your fetus ornaments, then Etsy seller Feti is there for you. This store carries all the fetus ornaments you could ever want, including Sarah Palin Embryos, Edward Cullen unborn babies, mustachioed feti and more.

4Fetus Popple

Ahh, good old Popples. Those of you who weren't children of the eighties may not be familiar with the classic toys, but even if you aren't, you can certainly appreciate seeing a fetus roll into its own bag.

5Fetus Coin Purse

Since it's kind of illegal to slice a hole down the back of a real fetus and use it as a coin purse, this knitted version will have to serve as your next best option. Besides, a real fetus bag would be way to small to hold anything worth while.

6Bloody Fetus Keychain

The clear female body carrying a fetus keychains were pretty popular for a while, but never were they so disgusting until Logan Trading Co. got their hands on a few.

7Hello Kitty Fetus

If you've ever thought they have already released just about every type of Hello Kitty merchandise possible, you're right.

8Fetus Cat Toy

Are you tired of your kitten playing with boring old dead mice? Let it play with a dead baby instead with these delightful fetus cat toys.

9Fetus Cookie Cutter

Is there anything sweeter than an unborn baby? Of course, an unborn baby sugar cookie!

10Fetus Soap

This lime fetus soap is a great way to work those stem cells back into your body.