World’s Most Amazing Contortionists

Lilia Stepanova, an attractive 21-year-old contortionist, shows off her skills by shooting a bow and arrow with her feet. Stepanova, who has gained a lot of popularity from her appearances on famous TV shows like the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show' and ‘America's Got Talent', is known for her body bending and twisting techniques. She has also performed in front of NBA, NHL and NCAA arenas, while also becoming a regular feature on the ESPN Sports Center opening highlights.

At the age of four Zlata discovered she had an amazing talent - and she has been bending over backwards ever since to make the most of it. The Russian-born former gymnast, 24, is one of the world's most extreme contortionists. At 5 ft 9 ins, Zlata spends most of her days working out and training for shows around the world.

Zlata has a rare condition that makes all her tendons extremely pliable, allowing her to adopt seemingly back-breaking positions.

Kirsty Nicholson bagged her dream job as a contortionist in the circus after she was cured of her claustrophobia by her mum, who placed her in bins to get her over her fear of small spaces. Nicholson's mother came up with the drastic solution to cure her daughter so she could join the circus as a singer and contortionist.

Alexey I. Goloborodko is a contortionist who has been described by many as the most flexible human on the planet. He was born in Tula, Russia, in December 1994. As well as contortion and flexibility, he has been trained in classical and modern dance, and Chinese martial arts. This helps to add fluency, grace and elegance to his contortion performances. He has performed in a variety of arts festivals and competitions, television programs, circuses and shows.

Nokulunga Buthelezi, the contortion star of the show "Africa, Africa", went to a German TV show and kicked some butts with her snake-like choreography.

Daniel Browning Smith holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time squeezing through both a tennis racquet and a toilet seat. He is known as the Rubberboy.

Arevik and Tatevik Seyranyan perform 2 girls, 1 cu…be.

With the ability to press his soles to his cheeks, turn himself into a human dart board, and dislocate his shoulders to escape from a straitjacket, Matt Alaeddine's résumé reads more like a medical examiner's report. Couple that with his sizable mass — well over 400 pounds — and the city comic and contortionist has found a ticket around the world, securing him a place in the infamous Jim Rose Circus. Founded in the '90s, the circus features extreme, often masochistic onstage acts involving everything from sword swallowing to genital lifts.

Alaeddine, 30, is one of three Edmontonians in the American troupe of pain-loving freaks. He started doing contortion as a street performer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival about 10 years ago. When performing his contortions, Alaeddine stuffs his rolling hillsides into a gold nylon suit labelled “one size fits all” that he bought from the women's section of a hipster-friendly clothing store.”

Richard Rosson (stage name Rubber Ritchie) is a British contortionist who has come to some prominence in the British media in recent years. He has appeared on a variety of television shows, including Channel 4 News, The Richard and Judy Show, and the Saturday morning children's show Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.

Rosson has appeared in adverts and trailers for various products. Notably, in early 2006, Rosson acted as stunt double in a Walker's Crisps advert for ex-England footballer and BBC presenter Gary Lineker. Rosson has also had an impact on the big screen, shooting scenes as Avery the Death Eater for the blockbuster movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Another picture of 24 year old former Russian gymnast Zlata.

Just for fun: that's a hell of a cameltoe!