10 Crazy Food Tattoos

This tattoo is an entire full breakfast plate with eggs, bacon and potatoes, including the knife and fork. Yummy!

Strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate on top please! Melons not included!

This magical ham fairy would be cute if doodled in the margins of a high school text book, but is less than adorable as a sprawling tramp stamp.

Note: This tattoo was actually based on 'beaver and steve' webcomic. Thanks, Caleb.

What would be better than a delicious triple layered slice of Key Lime Pie?

Are you on a diet? This evil potato will make you lose your appetite every time you stare at him.

"It's Totally Taco Time."

I hope he doesn't forget the can opener.

Leave it to beaver.

Who doesn't love a good bag of "poporn"?

The forbidden fruit which appears to be a strawberry when it actually is a human heart with a serpent wrapped around it.