10 Funniest Sports Celebration Fails

That's why you should never celebrate before the game is over. Meet ten of the funniest sports celebration ever.

1Colombian roller speed skater loses the golden medal for celebrating too early

Don't count your chicken before they hatch. Alex Cujavante loses the gold medal in The 2010 Roller Speed Skating World Championships (Guarne, Colombia). Alex threw a gold medal away in the last 10 meter of the Junior Men 10km race. Korean Sang Cheol Lee could not believe his luck. What on earth was Cujavante thinking? What a silly way to lose a gold medal in a World Championship. Well... he is only 16; experience will teach him some good lessons!

2Cyclist takes his hand off the handlebars to celebrate and loses control of the bike

This cyclist decides to celebrate a bit too early. He takes his hand off the handlebars, loses control of the bike and loses the golden medal.

3An entire basketball team celebrates early and loses the match

During an international basketball game between Partizan from Serbia and Croatian Cibona, one team, Cibona, decided to celebrate their “victory” early (with time still on the clock) only to have the title stolen from them by the other team, Partizan, because of one player's half-court shot.

4Goalkeeper celebrates stopping a penalty a little too early

Goalkeepers rarely get any glory so they really need to lap it up in a penalty shootout - but FAR Rabat's Khalid Askri probably went too far by completely ignoring the fact his save counted for nothing because of the spin on the ball. In one of the strangest moments ever in a penalty shootout, 29-year-old Askri appeared to have saved a penalty low to his left and turned away to celebrate for his fans. However, while his back was turned he failed to spot the spin on the ball taking it back towards the goal-line and into the net. The opportunist Maghreb Fez player, who originally thought he had missed, took great delight in pointing it out to the referee, who was forced to give the goal - much to the annoyance of Askri.

5Kart early celebration fail

A man is about to win a karting race but celebrates too early and fails with a crash.

6DeSean Jackson premature touchdown celebration

DeSean Jackson has trouble with celebrating too early for touchdowns. Two examples here!

7Rugby early celebration fail

A young Warriors player has learned the hard way it's not a try until the ball touches the ground. Glen Fisiiahi, 19, looked like he was going to put the U20 Warriors side in front of Souths after sprinting 80m untouched. It all turned to custard though -- as Fisiiahi celebrated the would-be try - before touching the ball down - an opposition player caught up and tackled him, knocking the ball out of his grasp. To add insult to injury, Souths then scored a try of their own.

8Running early celebration fail

Another classic. The runner lost his balance for celebration just about to cross the finishing line.

9Bull-fight celebration fail

This guy raises his arms to celebrate a little bit too early... and he pays the price for it!

10Bowling celebration fail

This lady didn't celebrate early, instead she waited for the right time. But when she did, she failed hilariously.