17 Hilarious Anti-Theft Signs

I hate you, bike thief!

Did you get that, thief?

Jack and Sarah in Tacoma, Washington, both spotted this note taped to the window of a coffee shop outside the Fort Lewis military base in Tillicum. While I particularly enjoy the slow crescendo of this note, I'm not sure the manager of the H&R Block across the street would feel the same.

Creative, ha?

Tanned thieves!

She also ‘stoled' his orthography knowledge! Priceless...

Sign posted on a car sitting in a Short North parking lot in Columbus.

A ball for a ball.

Stock market crash.

Effective policy!

Evelyn Border, 56, holds up a sign outside a Pennsylvania courthouse, admitting to stealing a giftcard from a nine-year-old child after she left it on a shelf in a WalMart store.

Most honest bumper sticker ever!

The hunt is on!