20 Geeky Christmas Decorations To Nerd Up Your Holidays

1Pacman Christmas Tree

Spain loves videogames so much that one neighborhood has even named all the streets in after classic video games. It's not surprising then that their holiday decorations also incorporate this classic gaming art, which is how this awesome Pacman Christmas tree in the center of Madrid came to light.

2Dalek Christmas Tree

How do you make a boring, artificial white Christmas tree into something geeks will drool over? Use some gold tin foil, silver tinsel and Christmas ornaments to create your very own Dalek Christmas tree. Just be sure to keep plenty of presents below the tree or he might wake up and “exterminate!”

3Star Trek Centerpiece

Nothing brings together a Christmas dining room like a great holiday centerpiece. The same rule applies to geeks, only the design changes from candles, bows and boughs to these delightful statues of Captain Kirk holding up a new, unripped shirt and Spock removing Tribbles from a gift box.

4Boba Fett With Han

As ultimate proof that for every geeky Star Trek decoration there is an equally dorky Star Wars accessory, here is a perfect centerpiece for any Star Wars Christmas dinner. It features Boba Fett with a candy cane gun and a great carbonite present for Jabba. If you like the design, but prefer it to be in snow globe version, Amazon has you covered.

5Star Wars and Star Trek Nutcrackers

As long as there are geeks on this planet, the eternal question will always remain: Star Wars or Star Trek? Fortunately, there are fun Christmas decorations to suit whichever cult you belong to. These Kurt Adler nutcrackers come in the shapes of Darth Vader, R2D2, Captain Kirk and Spock. If you want to bring all of your geek friends together this year, perhaps buying one of each will help ease tensions –of course, that's like saying that it's possible to have peace in the Middle East by telling everyone they can just live together without fighting.

6Darth Vader Stocking

Nothing says “Peace on Earth, good will towards men,” like a Christmas stocking adorned with images of the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces.

7Cthulhu Decorations

One thing traditional Christmas celebrations always lack is a bit of Lovecraftian charm. Brighten up your festivities this year by letting the Dark Lord watch over your home. The cthulhu wreath, Christmas tree topper and ornaments are sure to spice up your boring old Christmas by introducing the Old Ones into the mix.

8Santabot Thumb Drive

Somewhere between Lego minifigs and a bad Power Rangers knock-off villain lies the awesomely terrible design of Santabot. Fortunately, he's not just an awkwardly designed plastic robot, he's also a fully-functional 2 gig USB drive.

9Star Trek Stockings

We all know that Star Trek characters in red shirts are destined to die, but are those with blue stockings also at risk? If so, you might be better off just making some gold and blue Star Trek stockings to adorn your mantle.

10Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament

These days, celebrating Christmas doesn't necessarily mean you are a Christian. For those Pastafarians who still enjoy decorating a tree, you can now combine your love of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with the classic festivities of the season.

11Gingerbread CPU

Everyone loves to make gingerbread houses, even if it's just to nibble the candy off before throwing the rest in the trash. This gingerbread creation is perfect for the computer nerds in your life, as it lets them rebuild something they already know all about, a CPU.

12Gingerbread Tardis

If you like sci-fi more than CPUs though, then this gingerbread Tardis should be the perfect way to bring a little Doctor into your holiday. The link has directions to build your own, so get baking.

13Geek Wrapping Paper

Sometimes the wrapping paper says just as much as the gift itself. If you really want to tell the geeks in your life how much you care, wrap your presents in these awesome geeky wrapping papers sold by Etsy user MerryPranxter. They may be a little more expensive than your average wrapping papers, but creativity has its cost.

14Spider Man Snowman

If you go outside to make snowmen this year, don't limit yourself to those boring, conventional three balls of snow. Instead, geekify your snowman with inspired characters like this Spider Man snowman built on a brick wall.

15Star Wars Toy Wreath

What better way to let the people outside know about your geek tendencies than placing this wonderfully nerdy Star Wars action figure wreath on your door? The link has instructions for making your own, but be warned, it will require you taking the toys out of their boxes and painting them green.

16Computer Component Wreath

“Deck the halls with broken hard drives.” Anything that fits in the song so perfectly can't be wrong, which is exactly what makes this geektastic wreath so right.

17USB Computer Decoration Kit

Since some nerds never leave their computer, it never hurts to decorate the one thing they will look at all season long. Sure a cute Christmas-themed LOL cat desktop background can spark some holiday cheer, but it's nothing compared to a themed mouse, Christmas lights and a sweet party hat.

18USB Snowbot

It's hard to tell if this cyborg snowman is here to help brighten your holiday spirit or destroy the world, but with a dorky desk accessory this awesome, who cares?

19USB Tree

You might not be able to store many presents under this fiber-optic, USB-powered Christmas tree, but a few sticks of ram and a few USB gadgets will fit just fine, so as long as you only have geeks over for Christmas, this tree will work just fine.

20Yoda Santa Hat

How do you get a nerd to agree to play Santa? Let him combine the festiveness of the holidays with the wisdom and geekiness of Yoda. Ho ho ho and do not try, do.