15 Coolest Snowmen

What's better than snow? Funny snowmen of course. Check out some of the funniest pics of snowmen at christmas we've seen.

Some people use snow to make snowmen, others build igloos and petrol heads build cars. It took 5 hours to create this car. The front lights were taken from a Christmas tree while the rear lights are Skyline wannabes. The wheels were donated by one of the sculptors and they came from an old Audi Quattro.

Matthew Connor of Cheshire, UK, made this snowman that looks like Spider-Man.

Lego snowman.

Porn snowman.

Hatsune miku snow-diva!

What do you get when you cross someone who loves Halo with the snowstorm of the century? A mind-blowing awesome Spartan snowman, of course! Carefully constructed by Douglas Roulston, this frozen Halo-themed creation took over seven hours to reach a state of completion. Talk about funny snowmen.


Snow-people getting busy...

Snow poker night.


Shiisaa (a mythical Okinawan creature) does not look friendly despite of the victory sign.

Thinking snowman.

An homage to animator Don Hertzfeldt. He is the genius behind such animations as "Billy's Balloon" and others. (Thanks, Jasper)

Body building snowman.

Mark Jenkins' snowmen.