10 Funny Babies On YouTube Videos

You are about to see the cutest post in Oddee's history. Have a seat and prepare to laugh with some really funny babies on YouTube.

1Most viewed baby laughing in the World

Over 145 million people laughed at this small daring boy.

2Little baby bites his brother Charlie's finger

Harry and Charlie are probably the most famous set of brothers in Youtube. Harry keeps biting Charlie's finger.

3Little girl wants a lollipop ASAP

2 year old Sophia is wondering where her dad hid the lollipops. They used to be on top of the fridge (where she points in the video) but she can't see them up there anymore. So I said, let's call daddy at work and ask him where he hid them.

4Baby got stuck behind a couch and started arguing with his parents

Very articulated kid. Good reasoning skills too. The best part is the "thanks for saving me" at the end.

5Baby eating lemon

10 month old baby loves Lemons. Watch her squirm and go back for more!

6Baby quadruplets laughing

If one baby laughing is contagious, imagine four identical babies laughing together!

7Baby laughing until he falls

When was the last time you laughed so much you fell over the bed? Today is a good day.

8Baby laughing at his friend with hiccups

Funny baby with hiccups, the other one laughed at him.

912 months old girl performs political speech

Don't you wish you could translate what babies say? This father just did it.

10The Ninja baby

According to some comments, that baby reminds me of Yoda trying to use the force but failing.