12 Most Creative McDonald’s Ads

Created by agency DDB Stockholm, these outdoor posters were turned into large interactive push puzzles that consumers could solve in order to "sort your head", to promote McDonald's Large Coffee for only 1 Euro (Sweden).

Free Wi-Fi at McDonald's (Sydney, Australia).

McDonald's re-opening (Copenhagen, Denmark).

McDonald's, official sponsor of Torino 2006 Winter Olympics (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

McDonald's, the real milkshake (Helsinki, Finland).

24/7 Drive Thru (Auckland, New Zealand).

Enjoy our broadest menu ever (Sweden).

McDonald's and Heye Group in Germany won several awards for their outdoor advertisement, "Freshness Box Salad." This poster, with what appears to be fresh salad vegetables and condensation, changes a bus shelter into a section in the refrigerator. The poster was placed in Wiener Platz, a place known for its food markets, in Haidhausen, a district of Munich.

Open All Night (Sydney, Australia).

200m... 197m... (Denmark).

Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud (Pune, India). (Thanks, Swara)

Rock 'n' Fries (São Paulo, Brazil).