12 Clever Ads on Street Poles and Pillars

Creative advertisers around the world are now posting ads on street columns, poles and pillars to catch your attention. Meet twelve of the best we've seen so far.

Canon advertised its S1 camera model in 2006 with this sticker ad on street columns. Not only does the column provide the perfect shape for the lens, but its base sticks up from street level just far enough to give the camera a slightly three-dimensional look.

"There's no better medicine for the environment than your contribution" says this Greenpeace advertisement, where the pillar was turned into a giant medical syringe.

"Shelter served at McDonald's" says this Danish ad that makes the pillar look like an umbrella. Nothing was added but the poster.

A man sticker was placed on the floor with a big pillar in the middle at a train station. The pillar looks like a man's big and long penis after a therapy at Mak Erot*, a famous traditional therapist in Indonesia for penis enlargement.

This pole was turned into a clever Coffee ad for McDonald's.

For the annual wine trade fair in Munich, called "Forum Vini", ad agency Heye & Partner turned regular pillars into giant corks.

In Dusseldorf, Germany, ordinary pillars were turned into giant toilet paper rolls for laxative drug Dulcolax.

A creative street pole advertising for ballet enrollment.

Ad agency Hangar 18 Creative Group from Vancouver created this fun pole ad for the 2005 BC Highland Games.

This fun light pole ad, called "Meet A Giraffe," was made for San Francisco Zoo.

"Save the pillars. Fiat Stilo with parking sensor" says this ad in the form of a sticker, attached to damaged pillars at parking lots.

"Violence can be waiting for you anywhere" says this pillar ad for Mexico Unido contra la Delincuencia.