10 Strangest Lost-and-Found Items

1Two human skulls in a bag

In 2005, London officials found a bag containing two human skulls. Police were alarmed at the grisly find but the skulls turned out to belong, quite legitimately, to an university professor who used them in lectures.

Credit: Lunde Studio

2Urn of ashes

An 80-year-old man was reunited with his brother's ashes five years after the cremation. Following the funeral in Germany, he'd been mugged at Heathrow, and with his stolen suitcase went the precious urn which the muggers abandoned. When the LPO received the urn, all it had to work on was a tiny reference to a German crematorium. Staff wrote a letter, got it translated and started up a long-distance correspondence. When the urn was finally returned, the man said it had been the perfect send-off for his maverick brother.

3Breast implants

A courier once left a pair of breast implants on the Circle Line while heading to a Harley Street clinic in London. They were claimed back at the London Underground lost property and are now walking around somewhere, their owner unaware of how well-travelled her chest is.

4Samurai Sword

What kind of person goes around carrying swords under public transportation? Even worse, what kind of person forgets it in the subway? This Samurai Sword was among the items found at a subway station in London and taken to the Transport For London lost property office.

5Wedding dress

Luckily the person who found this Peruvian wedding dress returned it to the London Underground lost property. The owner was brought down to tears when she was reunited with her wedding dress, just purchased in Peru.

6Human-Sized Heart

A human-sized heart -- not necessarily a human heart -- turned up at Soapy's Car Wash in Paw Paw, Mich. Police took the organ to a veterinarian, who was unable to determine the species of whoever might be the rightful owner.

7$2.5-million cello

The internationally famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma paid a visit to New York City's Peninsula Hotel on October 16, 1999. Nothing unusual, that is, until the taxi Ma had taken to the hotel after an appearance at Carnegie Hall pulled away—with his irreplaceable $2.5-million cello in the trunk. Peninsula Hotel staffers had contacted officials all over town in order to track down the missing instrument, which was safely returned to Ma without incident.

8$10,000 Dollars

Workers at a Kmart in Des Moines, Iowa, had a red tin sitting at their customer service counter for four days. Eventually, someone opened it. When they did, they discovered a pile of money. Specifically, someone left $10,380 in cold, hard cash sitting around for nearly a week. Fortunately for Joe Heithoff, the man who lost the can of money, they're a bit more honest than most people would have been in that situation.

9Stuffed Puffer Fish

This stuffed puffer fish is just one of the items waiting to be reunited with careless owners who left them behind on trains, buses, and taxis in London.

10Rabbi Costume

Hyatt Regency Newport Hotel & Spa, a family-friendly hotel has had some oddball guests. In the last year alone, here are some paraphernalia left at the property: a complete rabbi costume (including hat and beard), a fake badge that reads “Don't Mess with Texas Secret Service,” and a Connecticut license plate. Surprisingly, none of the guests ever attempted to reclaim their priceless possessions.