15 Funny Yahoo! Answers Fails

For thousands of years, humans sought the advice of elders, wise men, and scribes to answers life's difficult questions. Then the internet happened, and people started asking complete strangers for help.

It hasn't turned out so well, but, thanks to places like Yahoo! Answers we can at least have a good laugh at the complete stupidity of some people.

We know it's a free service, but before asking a question on Yahoo! Answers, please be sure to use some common sense. Check out these fifteen funny Yahoo! Answers that'll leave you wondering about the fate of humanity.

1Yahoo! Answer Fail #1: The Gay Test

Gary is worried his son might be gay so he turns to Yahoo! Answers for answers on how to check. Instead of, you know, just talking to his son about it.

2Yahoo! Answer Fail #2: Pregnant Babies

Kevin is worried about his newborn child getting pregnant. With a father as dumb as Kevin, that's the least of the kid's worries.

3Yahoo! Answer Fail #3: Oh, you're dumb, eh?

John figured out how to ask a question on Yahoo! but couldn't figure out how to use the search engine to find out about Canada. What a ca-schmuck.

4Yahoo! Answer Fail #4: No Ifs, Ands, or Butts

Mageta needs the help of a furniture doctor and perhaps a proctologist.

5Yahoo! Answer Fail #5: This Is Why Emos Are So Sad

If you want to be one of the club, you've got to fit in.

6Yahoo! Answer Fail #6: What?

Maybe he's offended because you called him a midget? If he sneaks into your room in the middle of the night without tripping and chokes you with a piano wire you'll have your answer.

7Yahoo! Answer Fail #7: The Test

You'll only fail if you didn't study or if you're girlfriends vagina is made of cocaine.

8Yahoo! Answer Fail #8: Maybe He's Just Lazy

Why should the kid have to learn to do anything when you're following him around doing it all? He's pretty smart. He also has you fooled into thinking he can't use a computer.

9Yahoo! Answer Fail #9: Your Cheating Fart

Your cheating fart...
Will make me weep...
I cry and cry...
And try to sleep...
But sleep won't come...
No matter what I do..
Your cheating fart...
Will tell on you...

10Yahoo! Answer Fail #10: A Dangerous Job

Yes but the biggest casualty in movies was the original Star Wars. Over 4,000 actors died when the Death Star blew up.

11Yahoo! Answer Fail #11: The Power Of Disney

High School Musical will make anyone gag.

12Yahoo! Answer Fail #12: Name That Tune

I know it!
Wait, I might be thinking of a different song.

13Yahoo! Answer Fail #13: Writing Advice

Maybe just use a red Sharpie?

14Yahoo! Answer Fail #14: As Seen On TV

The person turning to the internet for help is asking how...nevermind.

15Yahoo! Answer Fail #15: Mommy Dearest

Don't try to take it off. There's not enough time. Just cover it up with one of her blouses.