12 Most Creative Candles

1Bomb and Dynamite Candles

The guys at Russian design shop Mystake have created these candles that look just like bombs and dynamite sticks. They're called “notmy” candles, as in “Officer, those are NOT MY explosives sitting on the table.” But unlike the real deal, these ones are guaranteed not to explode.

2Egg Candles

These special Egg candles have a delightful surprise in store when you burn them. Hidden inside a white outer shell is a bright yellow yolk that appears when the candle burns. A wonderful surprise for children and adults alike!

3Lego Candles

Next time your are entertaining your other half and want to set the mood with some candlelight, why not use some of these fun Lego candles, and ideal addition to any geeks apartment.
Although these Lego candles aren't official Lego ones, they do look pretty good, and come in a variety of colours, including blue, red and yellow. Price: $48.00

4Human Candles

Creative body shaped candles entitled “Human Candles”, made of a mixture of beeswax and paraffin designed by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz for an art exhibition.

5Beer Scented Candle

Guys will love the fresh brewery fragrance that smells just like a cold one! Full scent concentration used throughout, so the candle smells just as good each time you burn it. Price: $16.98

6Bacon Candles

Wake up to the aroma of sizzling bacon without the fat and calories! These candles will knock your socks off. We can't stress enough how realistic these candles smell. They are exactly like bacon frying in the pan. Your mouth will water when you smell them burning! These candles are hand poured and triple scented for a true to life bacon aroma, both lit and unlit.

7Lighter Candles

Does anyone have a lighter? Light up your next birthday party with Flikz Lighter Birthday Candles! The price? $7.99

8Road Cone Candles

A road cone is a provisional element which delimits urban spaces, while a candle illuminates domestic spaces in an ephemeral way. Mixing both concepts we can get a hybrid which temporarily lights up and delimits spaces.

9Lumen Candles

Artist Adam Frank truly takes candlelight to the next level with his lumen candles – a series of beautiful, stainless steel oil lamps that cast intricate silhouettes of pine, magnolia, or cedar trees on the wall.

10Coffee Candles

These candles are dedicated to millions of coffee lovers and subtle decor hunters!

11Pharrell Williams Candles

Some people say Pharrell Williams has a touch of gold, thanks to all of his successes with the Neptunes, N.E.R.D., and BBC/Ice Cream. Now you can experience that touch up close, with these Atelier WM candles molded from the hands of Skateboard P himself. Available in a variety of colors and poses, including Pharrell's famous Star Trek hand sign, these candles are sure to garner some attention while sitting on your coffee table. Price: $110.00

12Urine Sample Candle

Want a fun candle for your bathroom? This urine sample candle will do the job, but don't worry for the smell, it's unscented!