12 Coolest Room Dividers

If you are decorating and don't want it to look boring, check out these modern room dividers ideas.

Phenomena Room Divider is an exotic room divider inspired by an organic and pleasing appearance. Designed by Sang Hoon Kim.

These folding chairs convert into a flat and inconspicuous three-panel bamboo screen; decorative shoji-style space divider one moment – tall-back dining-room-worthy set of chairs the next. A wooden frame serves as structural reinforcement for the lighter-weight panels, which in turn slide and slot between positions to make the transformation process smooth and simple. Designed by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger

Oh yes, it's a chalkboard room screen divider, quite useful.

LP Room Divider by Etsy.

Room divider made out of plastic water bottles by Michelle Brand.

This Green Screen uses carpet sound insulation properties and the unique size of unused samples to create a room divider. It was the People's Choice winner in the 2008 Ample Sample Contest.

A very clever idea for a room divider: instead of a boring old shoji screen in your house, you can have Globalhaus's Stick Screen and be instantly transported to a distant savannah every time you pass through the dry “grass” of this wild room divider. This space divider is mobile and modular, and comes in either wood or acrylic sticks.

Made from recycled, double-wall cardboard, Nomad is a modular architectural system that can be assembled into free-standing, sculptural screens, temporary partitions, rooms or even displays without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. Available in six colors, Nomad can be arranged into open or closed configurations; creating private environments as well as light and airy spaces. The Nomad system can be configured to create entry-ways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space.

CircleWall was designed exclusively for Cardboardesign and it's made from chemical free, recycled and recyclable cardboard. It can be assembled without using any glue or tools since each individual piece links to the other to form a virtually limitless sized wall. Upon the end of its useful life it can be flat packed and stored away or returned to the recycling bin.

Skulls and cockroaches space divider designed by Edward Mitterrand and Stephanie Cramer.

The giant cheese grater room divider above is an art piece called "Paravent," created by London-based Lebanese artist Mona Hatoum.

The Light Box is a series of lamps made in the tradition of furniture making. The lamp which is made out of wood has a pattern of 8.000 holes reinforced with transparent resin. In combination with the pattern of low growing trees, Light Box is the ideal room divider forming an artificial hedge or a nocturnal landscape with your home.