10 Weirdest Wedding Invitations

Thank you Melisa G. for the idea!

If you are an 80's Atari games fan, this is the right one for you! Created by Illustrator and comic artist Carla Berrocal, this cool 8-Bit Wedding Invitation was specially designed for her clients.

This unique design is something really out of the box: a sweet wedding invitation. What a better way to express your love than chocolate?

This Ouija Board-influenced invitation and its original envelope (turned into a planchette when opened) were created by Erin Blankley, who offers wonderfully weird custom wedding invitations through her design firm, Corndog Industries.

This couple found a very original way to not only invite their guests but also share their whole love story with them. What an awesome idea!

A clever keyboard-inspired wedding invitation. Are you an IT consultant? Well, this is the right one for you!

This Stars Wars- inspired rehearsal dinner invitation, was designed by the creative groom's mother, who made it on the computer herself using some old photos. Thumbs up for you mom!

This truly original wedding invitation was inspired in one of those old movie's posters.

Take a look at this one! It even has its own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

This super cool and wacky wedding invitation was created by Trevor Navarra for his own wedding. Awesome!

This geeky wedding invitation comes in the shape of a laptop! Let me guess... Are the bride and groom software programmers?.