10 Coolest iPod Case Mods

1Cassette Tape iPod Nano Case

The Cassette iPod Nano Case is the creation of the guys over at Contexture Design, who have created these awesome iPod cases from old cassette tapes. The cases are available in 24 different colors, and will fit the 4th generation iPod Nano, this is definitely the best case we have seen so far for the iPod Nano. The price? $45

2 NesPod iPod Case Mod

The nesPod is the work of flickr user recycledgamer. It's a gutted NES controller and an iPod mini from around 2004-2005. The back has been cut out for the screen and clickwheel. And that's all there is to this mod. Pretty simple.

3Guitar Ipod Case

How about this for an innovative use for an old musical instrument? As part of a recycling challenge for The London Design Festival, one design firm took this junked out Torre acoustic guitar and turned it into a stereo with an iPod dock.

4iPod Case Modding

Mr. JavaMoose on Flickr has created a case mod for his iPod by modding an old Geiger counter that will house the iPod and remote unit. It looks cool!

5Metal iPod Case Mod

This Japanese page has build notes on a gorgeous iPod mod wherein the fragile white plastic sheath is replaced with a mirror-finish metal casing.

6Crystal iPod Case

This one may not be beautiful, but at least it's different. Expect to pay around $30 for this modification.

7iBoom Lo-Fi

The iBoom Lo-Fi completely encloses and protects the iPod, so you can take it to the beach, on a picnic, or just to the kitchen while you paint the trim. You too can build an iBoom; it takes a minimum of tools and a bit of ingenuity. For only $46

8Sony Walkman Ipod Case

Cool Sony Walkman made for iPod.

9iPod Retro Radio

This recycled project shows you how to upcycle an old radio into a funky case for your iPod. This Project was Designed and Created by Taylor Finley.

10Game Boy iPod Case

The Game Boy iPod Case is an iPod case made out of a vintage black and white Game Boy. The iPod is actually controlled through the Game Boy controls so you can change the song and volume with the case closed. It works with the original iPod Mini and also the Nano, and costs $30.