12 Wackiest Music Videos

1Elektronik-Supersonik - Zladko Zlad

Zladko "Zlad!" Vladcik is a fictional character created by Australian comedian Santo Cilauro and is the unofficial mascot of Molvania. Over time, he has become a kind of Internet phenomenon. He is notorious on the Internet for the novelty pop song and music video "Elektronik Supersonik" which, according to Zlad!, "is a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric." "Elektronik Supersonik" is itself a kitschy, over-the-top combination of Electro, Synth Pop, and Europop. Zlad! is featured in a mullet, bushy moustache, and silver spacesuit. His lyrics are often in spoken word or badly sung, not to mention full of hilarious grammatical errors, reversed semantic units, and meta-references to thick Slavic accents.

2I Wanna Love You Tender - Armi & Danny

This 80's Finnish music video called "I Wanna Love You Tender" by Armi & Danny is widely known as the worst music video of all time and is an Internet phenomenon. The choreography of this video was particularly noteworthy. While it was apparently intended to be "erotic and tantalizing", it principally succeeded in the eyes of many for being hilarious.

3Come on Back - F.U.S.B.I.

You may be wondering why you haven't heard of F.U.S.B.I. A surprise Internet meme, it has popped up in the last few days, centered around calling the video for F.U.S.B.I.'s (a band that is seemingly un-Googleable) "Come On Back" the worst music video of all time. The video tells the story of a chick who drops a 20 dollar bill in an airport... but I won't give the end away, you will need to check it yourself.

4Boots of Chinese Plastic - The China Dolls

What is so funny about this video? Four elderly Asian women in plastic Chinese boots, rocking hard in an audition for the Pretenders. It all started when a guy heard about a music video contest sponsored by The Pretenders, You Tube and PETA, for people to lipsynch to The Pretenders' new song, "Boots in Chinese Plastic." So he bought four pairs of Chinese plastic boots from Wal-Mart and directed a video starring his mom and her friends. The result is the wackiest rock video ever.

5Tarzan Boy – Baltimora

Any song that uses Tarzan's cry as the melodic line is nothing but outrageous. Tarzan Boy was a huge one-hit wonder for Italian electro-pop dance group Baltimora, in 1985. Sung by frontman Jimmy McShane, it also comes with one of the worst music videos ever created. The song deals with living in the jungle just like Tarzan Boy, and about "monkey business on a sunny afternoon." The lyrics are certainly some of the worst ever written, however, it is Tarzan's cry that makes this song so memorable and so loved by many of us. We should really hang our heads in shame.

6Apache - Tommy Seebach

In pop culture, Apache is a well-known, often-covered instrumental track written by English songwriter Jerry Jordan. On YouTube, “Apache” also refers to the Danish singer Tommy Seebach's 1976 rendition of the original composition. The music video—featuring Seebach and his band having a good time with a group of tribal-clothed babes—first came to the spotlight at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2006, when DJ XL5 dubbed Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up over the original M/V footage. The dub was a success and soon enough, remixes and dubbed renditions of Apache music video took on a life of its own on YouTube. (Thanks to our readers who sent us the tip).

7Aiin! – Mini Moni

This band apparently managed to have a number 1 single in Japan. The only explanation is that the video contains some kind of hypnotic suggestion. Mini Moni is a subgroup of J-pop girl group Morning Musume. They were one of Morning Musume's most popular subgroups for their entire existence, because of the combination of their outrageous music videos and live performances, their vocal harmonies, and their widely varied musical styles. To be a part of this group, members had to be 150 cm in height or shorter.

8The average homeboy - Blazin Hazen

Also known as "the average homeboy" and "Denny Blaze". Blazin Hazen is a rapper - a whack one it might be added, but a rapper nonetheless - who has released a number of albums including "Hot to Trot", "Bam Boom" and "Blazin". He has reinforced the stereotype that (almost all) white men cannot rap. His rap comes off as a joke, yet nobody can say for certain whether the Average Homeboy is for real. Hazen claims that "Once you hear my demo you'll just be BLAZED". Luckily for him, the meaning of blazed is ambiguous.

9Losing you - Jan Terri

Whether riding in a limo or on the back of a hog, this 1993 music video by Jan Terri is nothing less than craptastic. What makes this one great is that she is dead serious. She is a blend of Mrs. Piggy, Jabba The Hut and William Hung.

10Nowiy god - Steklovata

This band is called ??????v??? (Steklovata), and they are from Estonia, but they speak and sing in Russian. They are part of that "orphan-band" movement, which still sometimes emerges in small province cities. But the feature that turned them into a meme is their name. Steklovata in Russian means "glass wool". As you see, there's nothing sweet and glossy in that title. Moreover, they have a song which goes under the same title. The lyrics in translation are something like that: It's all your own fault, you're thorny like glass wool, glass wool, glass wool, our love turned to be evil, 'cause you're like glass wool'.

Somehow these guys are a big hit in Russia.

11Cameltoe – Fannypack

Moving on up to the year 2003, when a group pf kids from Brooklyn would start to change the world by singing about how to wear clothes on your vagina. A mutlicultural troup, Cat is Irish, Jessibel is half-Puerto Rican and half-Thai, and Belinda is half African-American and West Indian. Ok, maybe the graphics on the video aren't really bad, but it's a song about cameltoes, so it had to be in our list.

12Dare To Be Stupid - Al Yankovic

This list wouldn't be complete without a video from "Weird Al" Yankovic. Dare to Be Stupid is the third album recorded by him, released in 1985. The song and video are a parody of Devo, bearing closest musical resemblance to Devo's "Big Mess". It describes many stupid things a person can do, such as "Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan." Several figures of speech are referenced, too. It is one of Al's most reknowned original songs. It was also used in The Transformers: The Movie, as the theme song for the Junkions.