12 Weirdest Soaps

1Baby Hand Soaps

Okay, these weird baby hand soaps are plain weird for my taste. They should rename them “cut-off baby hand soap”. Weird, and wonderful, these little hands are actual soap. About 10 different hands in different skin tones come in a pack. Handmade of goat's milk.

2Bacon Soap

It's a sunny Sunday morning and you wake to the sweet smell of bacon wafting from the… bathroom? That's right, Archie Mcphee has captured the enticing aroma of frying bacon in a bar of soap! Each marbled bar has the words "Bacon Soap" embossed on top and comes in a fancy 3-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 7/8" tin. In a perfect world, wouldn't all personal hygiene products smell like meat?

3Pet Fish Soap

This may look just like the bag that you carry home from the pet store, but don't be fooled…this plastic goldfish is not swimming in water, it's embedded in clear, glycerin soap shaped like "water in a bag". Tied with an orange ribbon. Tangerine-grapefruit scent.


You're gonna have trouble resisting taking a bite out of these yummy smelling popsicles, but don't -- they're soap! They're the same size as real popsicles and arrive adorably wrapped in a clear bag with coordinating ribbon. Choose from Nilla Sammi (Chocolate & Vanilla) smells just like chocolate; Rainbow - Peace, Love & Soapiness - fragrance fruity; Lemonade - scent is fresh lemon and Pink-Confetti Cupcake - strawberry fragrance.

5Xbox Soap

Really cool and nerdish sculpture of Xbox and other various gaming controllers by Esty of “Digital Soap”.

6Soap Knuckles

This cool looking bar of soap has been molded out of brass knuckles, and it is made from all natural glycerin soap. It's made by Spye Design and you can purchase two of them for $15.

7Sushi Soap

Are you a sushi addict or do you know someone that is? Have you been pondering over how more of your day can be spent with sushi? What comes in a bento box and will just make your day? Sushi Soap! Take it in the bath or shower with you. Includes 8 (inedible!) sushi rolls.

8Tetris Soap

It's time for some geeky soap, these fun Tetris soaps are inspired by a classic video game. Now you will be able to play Tetris in the bath with these geeky soaps, they come in a set with all different Tetris pieces, and are scented a mixture of berry, citrus and fresh scents.

9Poop Soap

What is that doing next to the sink? At first glance, it doesn't look like soap. But, it really is, and it has an appealing cappuccino scent! So close your eyes and wash up. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand–no two are exactly alike. 2-3 pieces, depending on size.

10Beer Soap

Does that special alcoholic in your life complain about how you so rarely smell like you've been drenched in booze? No longer with Beer Soap! Made with an assortment of smelly ingredients and a wide-range of beers, Beer Soap is the only personal washing material guaranteed to give you a buzz if eaten. In other words, don't be washing out your kid's mouth with this stuff. Save it for washing out your own. Available in a nice variety of lagers, including Foster's, Guinness and Samuel Adams.

114mula Barbox

This clever set of 3 soaps stays dry in the soap dish and is ergonomical to hold. Vegan, cruelty-free and made with 100% essential oils.

12Chef Soap

The candles are lit, the table is set, the food is prepared and your hands smell like raw garlic, onions and fish. Vigorous scrubbing with hand soap won't help, so how can you possibly remove that pungent food odor before the doorbell rings? The answer comes in the form of this 2-1/2" x 1-3/4" disk of stainless steel. Don't ask us how, but rubbing your hands on this disk under a stream of water washes away any unwanted aromas and leaves your hands smelling like, well, hands. Best of all, you only need to buy one since they last forever!