12 Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

1Foie Gras and Caviar Ice Cream

Japan is still the king of weird ice cream flavors, but France isn't far behind after gourmet ice cream maker Philippe Faur released the … foie gras and caviar ice cream!

2Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Because everyone likes bacon and there's no reason to restrict its intake to breakfast, ice cream expert David Lebovitz experimented by making candied bacon ice cream. Considering that the resulting smoky/salty/cinnamon-tinged dessert got a thumbs up from his butcher, it seems that his recipe was a success.

3Natural Viagra Ice Cream

Just what the ice cream shops have been missing - Viagra flavored ice cream. I just didn't know Viagra had a flavor, nor do I want to know what it's like.

4Fish Ice Cream

Fish-flavoured ice-cream from Japan! Weird foods are plenty in East-Asia, but although fish and ice-cream are two perfectly normal ingredients, combining them together just seems wrong!

5Black Sesame Ice Cream

Japanese Black Sesame Ice Cream - Most impressed by the deep colour of the ice cream and the fact that it's dusted with ground sesame seeds. The contrast of the strawberry Pocky stick was rather cute.

6Octopus Ice Cream

Want to tantalize the taste buds with a tentacle? If so, Octopus Ice Cream is the go. Japanese have been able to come up with an amazing variety of uses for octopus, ranging from delicacy to p0rn0 movie prop. Little wonder that octopus has found its way into ice cream, then.

7Potato Ice Cream

A new 'mash Cone' consisting of sausage, mash potato, gravy and peas in an ice cream cone has been invented. Food company Aunt Bessie's claims it is breathing new life into the fortunes of the ice cream van by replacing the 99 Flake with an all-weather alternative.

8Charcoal Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream, a dark grey coloured ice cream that I have no idea about the taste - but I am guessing it's not that nice.

9Salad Ice Cream

An ice cream salad that definitely needs to be tossed. This ice cream, packed with chunks of veggies, is the sort of food that turns kids off their vegetables.

10Green Tea Ice Cream

Nice looking Japanese ice cream dessert found at a little cafe. This delicious looking thing is green tea ice, topped with nice sweetened red beans and then on top of all that a good scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a bit of a strange concoction.

11Curry Carrot Ice Cream

If you can't get your kids to eat salad, here is a recipe to include carrots in their menu — one cup of heavy cream, one cup of whole milk, one cup of coconut milk, carrots, egg yolks, brown sugar and spices.

12Sweet Corn Ice Cream

The recipe is a bit interesting as the corn cob is simmered in the milk and cream to infuse it with even more corn flavour. Sounds weird, but people say it tastes really good!!