12 Most Unfortunate Product Names

Real product names: from "Pee Cola" to "Megapussi", and Australian "Golden Gaytime" ice-cream, what were they thinking?

1Golden Gaytime (ice-cream)

Golden Gaytime is an iconic ice-cream in Australia, its name survived intact despite the homosexual connotations in modern decades. The company just decided to play up the camp name with the boxes, holding the words "4 delicious chances to have a gay time."

Here's a classic Golden Gaytime TV ad from the 80s, "Let the Gaytimes roll!"

And a more recent Golden Gaytime TV ad (hilarious!):

2Vergina (beer)

3Pee Cola (soft drink)

A soft drink from Ghana.

4Ayds (diet candy)

Ayds (pronounced "AIDS") was a diet candy from the 1980s. Years later, the name would have its current meaning.

5Shitto (sauce)

Shitto is an allegedly delicious Ghanaian sauce with a name that makes Americans laugh, while everyone in Ghana seems to love it.

6Megapussi (potato chips)

--Our readers Oona, Lance and Peppar from Finland wrote us to explain "Megapussi" is a Finnish word for a "mega bag" and not actually the product's name. Thanks!

7Wack off! (insect repellent)

Australian repellent "used by the armed forces." They surely need it.

8SARS (drink)

This drink from New Zealand shares its name with SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

9Jussipussi (bread)

So that's how Finnish bread tastes like.

10Cock flavoured mix (soup)

11666 (cold medicine)

Recommended by hell.

12Vergatario (Chavez' penis mobile phone)

It is perhaps the world's cheapest mobile phone, and the latest offering from Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez: behold the "Vergatorio," a name that's derived from a slang word for penis.
While in Venezuela the word does have another meaning (reliable), the rest of Latin America is still laughing.