10 Creative Salt & Pepper Shakers

1Ants Salt & Pepper Shakers

The only ants that will get invited to every picnic this summer are this adorableAnts Salt & Pepper Shakers ($14.99).This fun salt and pepper shakers have a glossy black finish, plus wire legs and tiny antennae.

2Lift and Shake Salt and Pepper Shakers

Give your meals a real workout with theLift and Shake Salt and Pepper Set ($14.23)that’s strong on practicality and heavy on the charm. The shaker at each end of the barbell opens and closes with an easy twist; the weightlifter is heavy cast metal with a rubberized coating.

3Keyboard Salt and Pepper Shakers

Here’s something fun to add some geeky style to your geeky apartment, these fun Keyboard Salt & Pepper Set ($12.95).They come as a set of two with the S key for salt and the P key for pepper.

4Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Shaker

TheRubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper ($18.00)will season your meat, if you’re intellectually worthy. Solve the ancient riddle of seasoning, if you can!

5Hugs Salt and Pepper Shakers

TheHugs Salt and Pepper Set ($19.95)is all about sentiment; we can’t help but think there’s some of that black-and-white, everyone-get-along implication.

6Good Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers

Spice up your life with a little of theGood Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers ($19.89)This amusing set of salt and pepper shakers is anything but formulaic, although a basic knowledge of the periodic table helps the joke.

7Burger & Milkshake Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Bring back memories of eating at your favorite drive-in with theBurger & Milkshake Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($15.95),fully crafted of ceramic.

8Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker

What’s for lunch? A human brain! That’s the idea the Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker (£9.99)conveys. It’s made of two halves just like a real brain, where one side is salt and the other is pepper. Both the halves are kept together with a couple of small magnets and the brain is intricately made out of ceramic.

9Western Cowboy Boots Salt and Pepper Shakers

Get all western with these cuteCowboy Boots Salt and Pepper Shakers ($19.95);John Wayne would be proud.

10Bowling Salt and Pepper Shakers

This funBowling Ball and Pins Kitchen Salt and Pepper Shaker Set ($7.99)stands 4.5 inches tall. The bowling pin’s edges contain small magnets, which allow the bowling pins and bowling ball to be stored in an action pose.