8 Most Creative Wallets

1Bacon Wallet

Put some meat into your pockets with this intriguing Bacon Wallet ($8.22).Now you can truly be the man who “brings home the bacon” with this cool wallet.

2Cassette Wallet

This cool retro Cassette Wallet ($39)is hand-made by Marcella Foschi (Italy), so each design is a one-off.

3Air Mail Wallet

The Air Mail Wallet ($14.95)is made of a one single sheet of Tyvek; no stitching or parts that can be ripped or torn.

4Comic Book Wallet

With a sexy girl printed on it, the Comic Book Wallet ($14.95)is made of Tyvek, a very strong, light-weight material made of flashspun fibers, 100% recyclable.

5Toast Wallet

Keep your “bread” in this funny Toast Wallet ($7.99)that looks just like a slice of buttered toast. Handy pockets keep your bills & cards secure and well toasted.

6Duct Tape Wallet

Made from Super Duct Tape (specifically engineered so that your wallet won’t lift, peel, or get sticky), thisDuct Tape Wallet ($7.95)is one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part sheer cool.

7Newsprint Wallet

Read some news with theNewsprint Wallet ($14.95),also made of Tyvek so is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and, most importantly, recyclable.

8Crossword Wallet

If you guessed “stupid”, you’re a winner. Actually the design of the Crossword Walletis quite interesting, especially if you suck at crosswords and require plenty of time to complete one.