Another 15 Funny Statues

Another funny statue in Reykjavik, Iceland –thanks Mace!

El Parque del Amor, Lima, Peru –thanks Sandra

in Prague, Czech Republic –thanks for the info Eric!

In Cheltenham, UK

In Stockholm, Sweden

Cupid in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Worcester, USA, they call it “the turtlefucker” –thanks Ryan and Caroline!

“The Awakening” in Haines Point Park, Washington, D.C. –thanks Diane!

“Green giants” in Sylt, Germany –thanks fatbob!

“The passing” in Wroclaw, Poland –thanks Piotr!

“Desperate Dan” in Dundee, Scotland –thanks Craig!

“The Virgin Mother” in NYC, photo by Edward Sudentas

In Berlin, Germany

“UFO has landed” in Utrecht, Netherlands –thanks Wouter!