15 Strangest Foods

Tarantulas, eaten in Cambodia, where strange foods abound(pics by keithkelly)

Raw Herring, eaten in Holland (pic by Laura)

Stink bugs, eaten in Irian Jaya, Indonesia (pic by NOVA)

Tuna Eyeball, eaten in Japan and China (pic by Jesse)

Beetles, eaten in China (pic by gadling)

Horseshoe Crab Roe & Nast, eaten in China (pic by Jesse)

Raw Octopus, eaten in China (pic by fatman)

Cooked Crickets, eaten (pic by seventhsamurai)

Rotten Soybeans, eaten in various parts of Asia (pic by fatman)

Duck Fetus Egg (Balut), eaten in Southeast Asia (pic by Chadedwardxxx)

Bird’s nest soup, eaten in China (pic by Wikipedia)

Codfish Sperm, eaten in various parts of Asia (pic by scare_m_burger)

Mopane caterpillars, eaten in Botswana (pic by NOVA)

Grasshoppers, eaten in Oaxaca, Mexico (pic by NOVA)

Dried lizards (for soup), eaten in Japan (pic by food-channel)