15 Most Offensive, Banned and Rejected Ads

Rejected, banned, and most complained advertising from all over the world.

Bacardi – Canada – Banned as it “objectified and demeaned women” (ASC)

Kiss Tobacco – Israel – Banned as it contains “obscenity and ressemblance of human beings”

Paddy Power – Ireland – Banned as “the betting odds referred to each woman’s chances of either being knocked down by the truck were offensive and demeaned older people”

Energizer – Chile – Rejected by the client

NO2ID – UK – Most Complained as “the barcode on Tony Blair’s upper lip made him resemble Hitler, which was offensive”

Killer Heels by NMA – UK – Banned as it “trivialised and stylised violence”

Department of Health – UK – Banned as it can “frighten and distress children”

Gucci – UK – Banned

Six Feet Under TV Series – UK – Banned as they were “offensive, shocking and likely to cause undue distress”

Diesel – UK – Banned as its “sexual image was likely to cause serious or widespread offence and was unsuitable in a magazine that could be seen by children”

Russian Finance Magazine – RUSSIA – Banned for being “immoral”

The Rules of Attraction (movie) – USA – Banned as “the copulating toys were considered offensive and obscene”

Tom Ford – USA – Most Complained as “it was sexually explicit”

Towers Anti-Smoking Campaign – CHINA – Rejected as “inappropriate”

The Breast Cancer Fund – USA – Rejected by advertising spaces run by Viacom “over fears that its depiction of mastectomy scars would prove to be too shocking to the public”

Thanks to BRAds