10 Greatest Office Pranks… reloaded!

Since our first article some months ago, we’ve received more pranks from our readers. So here we go, 10 more office pranks created by… you!

Keyboard keys to the roof!
“Our work college went on honeymoon to Thailand, we thought this was unfair!So we took off every key on his keyboard and attached it to the roof.”
(Credit: Jacque Smit – South Africa)

“To celebrate Tim’s second day back to work post-honeymoon, we surprised him with an extreme cubicle makeover. Unfortunately lacking sponsors such as Sears or Home Depot, we had to make do with a smaller budget. Fortunately designer Kyle Adams had a surplus of Muskegon Chronicles.”
(Credit: flickr user kyleandkelly)

The Golf Course
(Credit: flickr user flying fox)

The Wool Office
(Credit: insanitech)

Take a spare, dead keyboard that’s identical to the victim’s, remove the keys, fill the keyboard with dirt, and plant “cat” grass (from pet store), which is thick and grows fast. Then cover the keyboard in plastic and keep it in a sunlight. After 18 days, the grass had grown several inches and even uprooted a few keys.
(Credit: Jaek Muran from TechRepublic)

Hold all my calls!
“Ellis was gone for a week again. He ought to know better. This took me maybe 20 minutes. In addition, Philips replaced the cord with his broken one that causes static.”
(Credit: flickr user furryscalyman)

Dave leaves the office for a bit of a break. Santa leaves a present for him while he’s away…
(Credit: flickr user robron)

The famous post-it prank
(Credit: flickr user christikinz)

The Balloon Storage
(Credit: flickr user williamsburger)

The company photo
(Credit: This might be around the Internet since the 14 kbps modems… and it’s still funny!)