Bizarre Dispensers you don’t see everyday

Clean never felt so dirty

This World Wildlife Foundation paper towel dispenser gives a graphic reminder of the effect paper use has on the environment.

Tissue dispenser shaped like Easter Island Moai (head statues)

Anime Tape dispenser

This wine dispenser, called “Vin au Verre ” or “wine with by the glass” in French, is like the grownup version of a soda dispenser (and classier than wine-in-a-box)!

This candy dispenser looks “exactly” like a Wiimote, except it fires candy out of the spot where the IR transmitter should be.

World’s Most Expensive Pez Dispenser.
It’s the “World’s Fair Astronaut B”, one of two ever made for the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. One sold on eBay on 2006 for over $30,000

A tape dispenser whale. Awesome!

Frog soap dispenser. Eeeerp!

Luke, I’m your father. Now, have some soap…