10 Most Bizarre Monuments

1Enema Monument

A health spa in Russsia has unveiled on June, 2008, its tribute to a medical procedure it administers there routinely: the enema!”We administer enemas nearly every day,” said Alexander Kharchenko, the head of the sanatorium which specializes in treating illnesses of the digestion tract.

“So, I thought, why not use our sense of humor and give it a monument,” he said of the bronze statue that stands about 1.5 meters high.Local artist Svetlana Avakova, who designed the monument which cost around 1 million roubles ($42,000), said Botticelli’s classic painting Venus and Mars had given her the inspiration to tackle the tricky subject.

2Fellatio Monument

Jeju Island, a.k.a the next Hainan, is a subtropical island in South Korea. Also known as the honeymooner’s island, it’s got a lot to build a romantic atmosphere: balmy weather, soft sand, a pretty coastline, and more. There’s also the sex garden.

Jeju Love Land is a “sculpture theme park” that features giant statues of naked ladies, naked gents, and all sorts of sexytime fun. Much like the potato chip, a portrait of oneself next to Love Land’s fellatio monument is a blogger’s best dream come true. There’s a gift shop on the premises that sells all the accessories you’d expect.

3Monument to Radioactive Decay

What do you do when you have a barn-sized pile of nuclear waste materials that you have to store for 100 years while it loses its toxicity? In the Netherlands, the answer was to stick it inside a giant art project: specifically, this orange building called the Habog Facility, covered in physics formulas by Einstein and Planck. Every twenty years, the building will be repainted in a lighter color to symbolize the slowly decaying radiation in the waste.

The waste in the building comes from two different nuclear reactors. Under local law, it must be stored for 100 years. William Verstraeten, the artist who designed the facility, views his piece as a commentary on metaphorphosis. Open for tours, the building also contains four symbolic paintings.

4Upside-down Monument to La Trobe

This contemporary monument to Charles La Trobe in central Melbourne was removed at the end of June 2006 and has been acquired by La Trobe University.

5World’s Largest Booming Prairie Chicken

This massive prairie chicken is propped up in the small town of Rothsay, Minnesota. From the plaque: “Prairie chickens moved ahead of the settlers to inhabit the prairies of Minnesota. A large concentration of the protected bird can still be seen on prairie meadows of the Rothsay area. In the early spring the male prairie chicken performs his mating ritual called booming. This statue of a booming prairie chicken was designed and built by Art Fosse with assistance and funds from the community. The statue stands 13 x 18 feet and weighs 9,000 pounds. It was placed on this site and unveiled, June 15, 1976. “

6Penis Monument: 30 foot

An amusement park in the city of Changchun in northern China has just constructed the world’s largest penis.A sure way to bring a few extra customers (but maybe put off a few too), this 30-foot phallic named the Sky Pillar is a concrete pole wrapped in straw at the Longwan Shaman Amusement Park. Apparently it’s all for historical reasons:Legend says a Shaman hero named Ewenki vanquished a cruel female ruler and gave her a penis totem, telling her to respect males and not kill them at will.

7Monument to Rocky Balboa… in Serbia!

Big monuments can really make a town. Especially when there’s nothing else to see. The Serbian village of Zitiste knows this. Sick of getting on the tourist radar only for heavy flooding and landslides, they’ve come up with a plan to make Zitiste famous for something quite different: a giant statue of Rocky Balboa.

The Serbians of Zitiste want to get this right, and have not only asked for assistance from Philadelphia officials (experienced in such matters), but have also formed the Association of Rocky Balboa (Zitiste). There is even method behind their madness:”We wanted to create a new image of our village … We thought long and hard about what would represent our new image, and we came up with Rocky Balboa. He is a character who never gives up and even when he looks to be beaten he picks himself up and wins through.”

8Monument to Benedict Arnold’s injured foot

The Boot Monument is an American Revolutionary War memorial that commemorates an unnamed American Patriot general, Benedict Arnold. The monument commemorates Arnold’s contribution to the Continental Army’s victory over the British in the Battle of Saratoga. Arnold was wounded in the foot during the Arnold expedition as well as at Saratoga near where the monument is located at Tour Stop #7 – Berryman Redoubt. The injury effectively ended his career as a fighting soldier.Benedict Arnold is not mentioned by name on the monument because, several years later the wounded Arnold turned traitor to the United States and joined with the British and their Loyalists. Arnold attempted unsuccessfully to hand over his American command, West Point, to the British. Although this attempt failed, Arnold was given the rank of a British brigadier general and the British exchequer paid him £6,000.

9Shark Monument

The Shark became the most famous resident of Headington (Oxford, UK) when it landed in the roof of 2 New High Street on 9 August 1986.This ordinary home (built as a semi-detached house in about 1860 but now attached by a link to a second house to the north) suddenly became the centre of world attention, and the headless shark still excites interest today.

10Monument to the Pig

The monument in Kalach is Russia’s first dedicated to a pig. “We wanted to thank this wonderful animal for all it has given to the area.” said Nikolay Astanin, general director of the local meat industry in Kalach, close to the south western city of Voronezh.