10 Incredible Old Magazine Covers

Cosmopolitan (1942)
Future President Gerald Ford, in his younger days as a male model

Time (May 7 – 1945)
Cover on Hitler’s death

Scientific American (1906)
“Panama Canal Plan approved by Pres. Roosevelt”

Radio Electronics (1949)
Featuring the “Radio Hat”, a two tube battery operated radio.

Modern Mechanix (1936)
Featuring what could be the first Jet ski

Life (1959)
To get this photo for the November 9, 1959, cover, the great portraitist Philippe Halsman needed Marilyn Monroe to jump 200 times.

Sports Illustrated (1954)
First Issue

Cosmopolitan (1897)

College Humor Magazine (1925)
College Humor was a popular humor magazine from the 1920s to the 1940s.
Now the name is more famous for the website CollegeHumor.com

Time (1984)
Featuring Bill Gates for the first time