Greatest PWNS! Advertising under attack

A billboard in San Fransisco for the Nicholas Cage movie “Lord of War”, now covered over with a picture of President Bush yielding a cute, little political statement.

“Keep walking –>AGAINST WAR”

“Error. The Operation Completed Successfully” says this sticker over a Windows Vista ad in Prague

The Bubble Project

The Bubble Project, as proclaimed by its manifesto, aims to counterattack the one-sided corporate onslaught of marketing and advertisement messages which propagate public space.

The project was conceived by an artist and art director Ji Lee who originally printed 15,000 stickers that look like speech bubbles used in comic strips. He posts these blank speech bubbles on top of advertisements throughout New York City allowing anyone who sees them to write in their comments and thoughts. By filling in the bubbles people engage in the project and transform “the corporate monologue into an open dialogue”. After time passes, the comments are photographed and posted on the project’s website. The Bubble Project has quickly gained popularity and independent efforts have sprung up in other parts of the world in countries such as Italy or Argentina.

Sao Paulo: world’s fourth-largest metropolis, now with NO ADS

In 2007, the world’s fourth-largest metropolis and Brazil’s most important city, São Paulo, became the first city outside of the communist world to put into effect a radical, near-complete ban on outdoor advertising. Known on one hand for being the country’s slick commercial capital and on the other for its extreme gang violence and crushing poverty, São Paulo’s “Lei Cidade Limpa” or Clean City Law was an unexpected success, owing largely to the singular determination of the city’s conservative mayor, Gilberto Kassab.Billboards, outdoor video screens and ads on buses have been eliminated at breakneck speed. Even pamphleteering in public spaces has been made illegal, and strict new regulations have drastically reduced the allowable size of storefront signage. Nearly $8 million in fines were issued to cleanse São Paulo of the blight on its landscape.

Even street signs are under attack…

On an Anti-Gay protest

and cheating Husbands…