20 Funny Engrish Signs

Engrish refers to grammatically incorrect variations of English, often found in East Asian countries.From poorly translated signs, menus, and instruction manuals to bizarrely worded advertisements and strange t-shirt slogans, meet twenty funny engrish signs.

Deformed person??? worst funny engrish ever

“Eliminate horniness”

“A time sex thing”??.. a horrible translation for what it should read “articles for (daily) use”

“Keep out of children”

“I’m cock”

Dishonest trick?

“Don’t fall down”

“Enviro Mental Protection Area”… yeah, we hate those enviros!

“Horny Care”


On a T-Shirt

Interesting service…

So profound…

Those STUFF people…

Want to fill your car’s fuel tank in Italy? No problem — just make sure you “out to the spy of the select bomb, to take the supplier.”