Amazing Propaganda Posters

Propaganda is a type of message aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of people. Instead of impartially providing information, propaganda is often deliberately misleading, using logical fallacies, that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid. The following list includes some of the more amazing propaganda posters ever made by Americans, Soviets, Nazis and others.Sources: 1 |2 |3

American Propaganda

“You can’t beat the Axis if you get VD”
A series of American propaganda posters during World War II appealed to servicemen’s patriotism to protect themselves from venereal disease.

“Wanted! For murder”
U.S. propaganda poster, which warns against civilians sharing information on troop movements. World War II.

“We can do it!”
Of all the images of working women during World War II, the image of women in factories predominates. Rosie the Riveter–the strong, competent woman dressed in overalls and bandanna–was introduced as a symbol of patriotic womanhood. The accoutrements of war work–uniforms, tools, and lunch pails–were incorporated into the revised image of the feminine ideal.

“Above and beyond the call of duty”
At the beginning of the war, African Americans could join the Navy but could serve only as messmen. Doris (“Dorie”) Miller joined the Navy and was in service on board the U.S.S. West Virginia during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Restricted to the position of messman, he received no gunnery training. But during the attack, at great personal risk, he manned the weapon of a fallen gunman and succeeded in hitting Japanese planes. He was awarded the Navy Cross, but only after persistent pressure from the black press.

“Pvt. Joe Louis says…”
1942 Office of Facts and Figures poster promoting a sense of common purpose during World War II.

Keep These Hands Off!
A study of commercial posters undertaken by the U.S. Government found that images of women and children in danger were effective emotional devices. This Canadian poster was part of the study and served as a model for American posters.

“Gee, I Wish I Were a Man”
Gee!! I wish I were a man, I’d join the Navy. Be a man and do it – United States Navy recruiting station – Howard Chandler Christy 1917. Poster showing a young woman in a Navy uniform. World War I.

Nazi Propaganda

“Long live Germany!”
This poster makes a direct Christological comparison of Hitler. Just as a dove descended on Christ when he was baptised by John the Baptist, so what looks to be an eagle hovers against the light of heaven over an idealized Hitler.

A 1944 Nazi propaganda poster titled “LIBERATORS”, which perfectly epitomizes many perennially-recurring themes of anti-Americanism.

German Nazi euthanasia propaganda
The poster argued in so many words that the care of each “undesirable” cost the “undue burden” of 60,000 marks of German taxpayer money over the patient’s lifetime, and that a publication called the New Folk contained a better – indeed, a “final” – solution to the difficulty.

“Get rid of old cloth and shoes!”
The Germans worked to gather as much old material for the war effort as possible. This poster is for a 1943 clothing drive.

Soviet Propaganda

“Long Live World October [revolution]!”
A poster of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922 says: Long Live World October [revolution]! The workers conquered power in Russia and will conquer power in the entire world.

“Build like you would for yourself!”

“The Motherland Is Calling!”
A 1941 poster for the World War II

“Mercilessly, we will humiliate and destroy the enemy!”
Soviet propaganda poster from World War II, depicting a Red Army soldier aiming a bayonet at Hitler’s temple. The torn paper document is titled “The Agreement on non-Aggression between Germany and USSR”.

“Freedom to the People of Chile”

“Victory of Vietnam is a Victory of Solidarity”

“The Myth and The Reality”
What looks like a little american is actually a submarine.

“Here again blood and oil is being poured”
This is how USA and allies milking blood and oil from Middle East.


“If you start a war of invasion, We shall destroy the American bastards first!”
A recent North Korean poster against America.

“This is your future al-Zarqawi”
U.S.PSYOP pamphlet disseminated in Iraq. It shows al-Qaeda terrorist al-Zarqawi caught in a rat trap.

“Emu och solidariteten”
Swedish Anti-Euro propaganda for the referendum of 2003.