10 Weird Inventions For People With Cold Hands

1Infrared Keyboard Heat Lamp

Cold hands are apparently a big problem for professional gamers and office workers, so some young Danish entrepreneurs set out to find an efficient hand-warming solution. This ingenious keyboard heat lamp is the result of their hard work and research.

In May 2016, Emil Frølund and Mats Sørensen were playing Counter Strike in Emil's basement. They were getting “owned” by their opponents, and like any real gamer, they had all sorts of excuses— bad teammates, a slow internet connection, and cold hands. While they couldn't do very much about the first two, the last one was not out of their...hands. That night, the Heatbuff keyboard lamp was born.

You may wonder who would pay money for a lamp that keeps their fingers warm as they type. It turns out a lot of people would. The Envavo Heatbuff has surpassed its Kickstarter goal, and its creators say they have been contacted by companies interested in their product. So yeah, this thing could be big.

2F-Unicorn Gloves

Ravelry contributor Natalie Bursztyn brings us a free tutorial on how to make your very own pair of F-Unicorn Gloves. All you need is some gloves, yarn, and a needle—now, say "F- You!"

3Knit Beer Mitts

Whether you're tailgating the game, out on the ice or slopes, or just throwing snowballs at the neighborhood kids, it's important to keep your liver toasty with a cold brew. (Don't think about it. Trust us; it makes sense.) Kill two beers—we mean, birds—with one stone with a beer mitt designed to keep your beverage cold and your hands warm. Wear just one and you'll have a hand free to roll snowballs, or wear two and give us a call to join the party.

4Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like, folks! Keep this simple, rechargeable hand warmer on hand on a cold winter's day!

5Tahka Gloves With Smartphone Window

For all the great ideas, inventions, and gadgets that have come out of Kickstarter, there are bound to be some terrible ones as well. Take for instance the Tahka, which is a pair of connected gloves that have a window between them so that you can play on your phone while in the cold. If ever it were mass marketed, it would most likely mean the demise of society.

6Toasty Mug

Start your day with this ToastyMUG by SABRINA FOSSI. It will warm your hands as you sip coffee or tea.

7Smoko Toast USB Wired Hand Warmers

These cute little guys come from the same company that makes Smoko foot warmers, pillows, speakers, and more. Simply plug them into your USB port, and you'll feel the warmth almost immediately. Meanwhile, your fingers are still free to move.


Smittens are the brainchild of Wendy Feller, who came up with the idea in 2009 while out on a brisk walk with her husband. Instead of holding hands through regular mittens, a set of Smittens includes one pair of regular size mittens and one oversized mitten for hand-holding. They can be found and purchased online.

9Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs

You obviously don't want to get cold fingers grabbing a block of ice for your next tasty cocktail, so why would you subject your poor tongs to chilling temps? Sure, we have a tendency to anthropomorphize, but just in case they do have feelings, you could rock those tongs with Chilly Willy-styled mittens before they catch a cold! What a cool way to handle your ice. (Don't worry—they are very hygienic and made out of silicone).

10Bluetooth Glove Headset

This glove with Bluetooth technology allows you to get and make phone calls while keeping your hands covered.