How to Find the Perfect Electrician for Your Household

Dated and sub-standard electrical systems are not safe in either your residential or your commercial property and may result in damage to your property or in worst case scenarios, electrical fire.

That is why you need professional, correctly trained tradesmen that are reliable and can be trusted with all aspects of electrical work.

Let’s say you plan to hire an Electrician Edinburgh; your search must focus on many crucial aspects. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some key points to consider in your journey to find the perfect electrician for you.

Required Credentials

Look for an electrician with the correct and most up to date qualifications for the job. Credentials highlight the skills and abilities of the electricians and their suitability to each electrical project.

Check the documents, certificates, and accreditations of your selected electricians. Verify these if required. Availability of these documents is the mark of a reliable electrician.

Word of Mouth

Colleagues, friends, and family are a good source of recommendations and information.

Word of mouth from a friend, colleague or family member can be so helpful when it comes to hiring professional help, as they come from a source you can trust and their reviews will be both candid and honest.

Explore Options

In this digital age, there is no lack of options; you just need to spend a little time researching. Various sites available on the internet provide information on professionally trained electricians in your area.

Every tradesman will have an niche or specialism and this is no different for electricians. Whether your requirement  is for commercial work, construction site work, office, or house renovations, look according to your requirements and shortlist sites and potential electricians that suit your specific needs.


An electrician has to be insured to ensure your peace or mind to prevent any kind of damage to your property. To avoid unnecessary stress and cost, keep in mind to check beforehand if the electrician has valid insurance before any project commences.


Once you have planned on hiring an electrician, look for references. The company you hired the electrician from can provide you with contacts if applicable.

Don’t be shy to ask around regarding the work experience of other customers. Therefore, you will get an idea of the quality of work of the electrician. Along with this, you will know if they faced any problem during that period.

This also includes any complaints or any other issues you should be aware of. Research really is key so check the reviews and ask any questions you need to before your project commences.

Cost Estimate

Discuss the deposit, ongoing costs and total payment when you are hiring an electrician. Make sure if you can that you work to a fixed cost, as this may help eliminate the possibility of price increases further down the line.

Always be sure to fix the price or at least know what the charges are. A responsible electrician will quote  in writing to avoid any issue later on as the job progresses.


For different countries and regions, work permits are required for electricians to operate. Always enquire whether the electrician has a work permit, license or the correct accreditation before hiring them.

These requirements fall under the documents that you must check before hiring an electrician.

Team Work

It is necessary to know who is going to do the job, especially when work is being carried out in your home. Some companies hire electricians who work in teams supervised by chief electricians or team leaders.

This means if you are hiring for a large scale electrical work, you should be aware of the team that is going to work on it. Keep a check on who the chief electrician is and who is supervising the other team members.

It is better to be informed beforehand by the company about the electrician team and any changes. Make sure that if there is any change in the primary electricians, you are already aware of it.

Follow the above-mentioned points carefully, and you can find the perfect electrician for your next project.